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Wonderland Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Start of game (Hi-Res 16 colors)
Graphics on (Hi-Res 16 colors)

Atari ST version

Starting game (low res, 16 colors)
Menus (low res, 16 colors)
Entering the rabbit hole (low res, 16 colors)
Entering the rabbit hole (high res, 2 colors)
Peas? Lanterns? Or both? (high res, 2 colors)
Falling... (high res, 2 colors)

DOS version

Title Screen
The river bank
The pear grove
The White Rabbit's front garden
Outside the Duchess' house
CGA Display Option (No Graphics Available)
Tandy 4-Color Option
Tandy 16-Color Option
Hercules Graphics Option
EGA Title Screen
EGA Graphics Option
MCGA Graphics Option
SVGA Paradise or Video Seven Graphics Option