X-COM: UFO Defense Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Choose language
Main menu
Difficulty setting
Build first base
Base management screen
Soldier stats screen
Equip Skyranger
Equip Interceptor
Base overview stats
Research management screen
Production management screen
Purchase equipment / Hire personnel
Review Ufopaedia files
First UFO sighted
Intercept UFO
The Interceptor engages UFO

Amiga CD32 version

This city's peaceful times are over right about now.
European title screen.
Language selection with a typo for the German language.
I just built my first base.
This is the base overview.
Research is an important part of the game, I'll start out with laser weapons.
Buying some new equipment.
The number above the newly placed rooms represents the days remaining until their construction is complete.
Equipping one of my fighters.
Checking out the encyclopedia.
My current finances.
Aha! UFO detected!
Taking a good look at my enemy.
Mission briefing.
I just landed with my team.
My tank's missiles do some serious damage.
This is a screen you will be seeing very often on the Amiga versions of the game.
Mission map - the white dots on the top depict alien bodies.
Getting ready to enter the UFO.
Alien spotted!
One of my soldiers became unconscious, maybe I can still save him.
Equipping a grenade.
The angle through the window is unfavourable, I can't get a good shot.
Mission debriefing - I lost way too many soldiers.
Intercepting an UFO over Turkey.

DOS version

Opening Titles
Geoscape view
Base management
Tracking an UFO
Interceptor is your primary combat aircraft until very end of the game
Entering a crowded UFO
Your scientists research alien corpses
Your tank is vital until you find armorsuits
Environments are nicely detailed
Troops position around the UFO door
Your map is handy locating places you didn't visit
Your performance is evaluated every month
Base information.
Monthly costs.
You can produce your own flying saucer!
Fusion Ball is the most effective weapon against big UFO's.
Description of a tank.
Flying Suit.
Laser technology can be researched without help of alien artifacts.
Heavy Plasma is a very effective and accurate weapon.
That's a big gun!
With Hyper Wave Decoder you can intercept the ufo transmissions.
Snakeman is a tough enemy.
Mutons are the most powerful type of aliens.
Equipping a transport ship.
Ultimate craft.
Soldier stats.
Exploring a UFO base.
Your team arrived at the Terror Site.

Windows version

Main title.
Opening cinematic.
Main menu.
World map.
The view of your base.
Checking out the soldiers.
Assigning scientists to a new research project.
Checking the UFO activity chart.
First contact.
Interceptor will force most of enemy saucers down until you develop some new technologies.
Check UFOpedia for info about pretty much anything.
Preparing to land near a UFO craft.
Mission objective is rather straight-forward.
Equip your team before the mission starts.
Combat is turn-based.
Exiting the craft... you never know from which side the enemy will appear.
Alien in sight... preparing to fire.
Checking the mission map.
The mission was successful.
Intercepting a flying saucer.
Exploring every corner in search for alien life-form.
Inside an alien ship, eye-to-eye with a grey.
During the night missions your visibility will be quite limited so use flares to expand the field of view.
The smallest type of UFO.
This UFO was badly damaged by a fighter craft before we landed.
Some UFOs are too large to dogfight with terran technology.
Large UFOs have several floors of horror to explore.
Finding out about enemy life-forms.
Tank versus snakeman on a barren wastes.
Lower part of the large UFO does not seem to be connected.
Taking an elevator right into an ambush.
Control room looks empty, usually there's a leader or navigator inside.
Probing alien's mind with a mind probe, using their own technology against them.
Different type of firing will spend different amount of move points.
Shooting at a floater alien who came in here for civilians.
Upgrading your fighters with alien plasma technology.
Dead on arrival.
Scientists play a key role in this game.
UFO technology will let you build your own better crafts and use their weapons and materials.
Entering an alien base... notice how your squad have different combat suits equipped.
Checking the inside of the smallest UFO ship.
Capture alien engineers to find out more about their ships.
Somewhere on jungle terrain.
Hyper-wave transmission gets you detailed reading on the spotted UFO.
Approaching the downed ship from above thanks to your flying suit.
You can purchase only non-alien technology.
Your base statistics.
You can capture and study live alien forms for additional info about them.
Alien battleships will try to retaliate and attack your base as well.
With good defenses alien ships will get destroyed before they get a chance to land and attack your base.

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