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52 (Apr 09, 2003)
Wir hatten so viel Hoffnung, aber Kemcos Action-Adventure kann sich im Fazit nur durch eine bombastische Präsentation knapp über die 50%-Marke retten. Leider nur für absolute Batman-Liebhaber mit viel Geduld und Nerven zu empfehlen.
38 (Jun 23, 2003)
Batman, nannannannannanna Batmaaaan, Batman nannannannannanna Batmaaaan, Batman nannannannannanna Batmaaaan, Batman nannannannannanna Batmaaaan. For those who hasn't got it yet, the following words will be about the game Batman: Dark Tomorrow. A must-have or just another miss-used movie-license? Or in the case of this piece of software the question should be: a game of just a program made to annoy you? (PS its the last thing).
In terms of storyline and atmosphere, the Dark Knight’s latest outing stays true to the comic books, so much so that it’s almost worth plodding through the substandard gameplay just to experience the cinematics. I say “almost” because only the most tenacious Batman fan would consider the experience worthwhile. The vexing controls and camera system, combined with the poor enemy AI and simplified combat, make even a weekend rental of Dark Tomorrow tough to justify.
Extreme Gamer (Mar 27, 2003)
I cannot think of a single reason you would want to own or even play this game. But if you must, please, please rent it first. Even with the great story this game is utter crap, and should never have been released in such a poor state.
GamePro (US) (Mar 27, 2003)
Batman: Dark Tomorrow is, without a doubt, the worst Batman game ever. Yes, worse than the 16-bit Batman: Return of the Joker, Batman Forever the arcade game, and even the Batman. The level design, controls, and overall polish are all greatly lacking in the great detective's latest video game caper.
GameSpot (Apr 02, 2003)
As is the case with most Batman games, the story revolves around the happenings in Gotham City, the mysterious hero Batman, and a motley crew of twisted villains. Told through a series of decent-looking cutscenes with passable voice acting, the story is one that any fan of the series will instantly be familiar with. Crime is running rampant, and only Batman can save the day.
25 (Apr 03, 2003)
Quelle déception, Batman ne méritait pas ça. Si récemment Spider-Man a su nous étonner, Kemco nous signe là l'une des plus abominables adaptation de comics depuis le Superman de la N64 et ce n'est pas la présence de quelques super vilains fameux qui changera la donne. Hop, poubelle. C'est franchement regrettable, mais c'est comme ça. Et en plus, les versions PS2 et GameCube vont suivre.
IGN (Mar 24, 2003)
Comic book heroes and video games seem a perfect fit. It's the same audience, and the crazy villains and incredible powers found in a funny book is often not nearly as weird as some of the stuff seen in video games. After all, you don't get much odder than Rayman and people love that little quadruple amputee. So why is it that almost all comic book-licensed games turn into total garbage? Who knows. My hope was that Kemco's Batman: Dark Tomorrow could buck the trend. But it doesn't. There is no polite way to say this, so I'll forgo civility for honesty: This game is crap.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (May 07, 2003)
Till och med det medelmåttiga Batman: Vengeance framstår som ett tidlöst mästerverk i jämförelse med den här smörjan. Varning! Kemco borde skämmas.
GameSpy (Apr 01, 2003)
I think it can be officially stated, right here and right now, that this ill-conceived travesty beats out Shrek for the "Worst Xbox Game Ever." However, if you find guano appetizing, then Dark Tomorrow is a warm, juicy scrap just for you. It's exactly that: bat s%#$!
The Video Game Critic (Sep 06, 2012)
It's frustrating when you're messing around with the cuffs while all the bad guys are pumping lead into you. It just goes to show: just because an idea is original doesn't mean it's good. The controls suck in general. Sometimes Batman will grab onto a ladder and sometimes he won't. You cannot aim upward with your bat-a-rang, leaving you defenseless against thugs on ledges. But by far the worst aspect of the game is the camera. Your view abruptly changes so often that it's hard to tell which way you're facing. You'll need to depend on your radar display to ensure you're not backtracking. And if you think the camerawork is disorienting in the streets, wait until you enter a building. On a positive note, the load screens are short and you can save your progress at any time. When Batman loses his life, he makes one final attempt to stand before collapsing from exhaustion. After trying to play this train wreck I felt the same way.