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Cheat Code Central (Feb, 2011)
I had more fun with de Blob 2 than any other platformer since the original Super Mario Galaxy. It's not the most high-profile game on store shelves, but if you're in the market for a unique game with an awesome presentation and a great personality, you simply can't do any better than de Blob 2.
Worth Playing (Mar 06, 2011)
de Blob 2 is a great game that now has the chance to be experienced by a wider audience thanks to its multiplatform status. The casual platformer is much easier this time around, but it's still an enjoyable experience. The addition of co-op makes it something younger kids could get into easily. The wonderful musical mechanic is still in place, with a soundtrack that's just as good as the original, and the brightly colored world garners favorable notice in a gaming landscape filled with drab and dark colors. Fans of more offbeat platformers will certainly enjoy painting the town red — or any color they want.
games xtreme (Mar 09, 2011)
I really do like this game and it's hard not to like it, there's nothing fundamentally wrong at all with de Blob. There are no real bugs or massive glitches that spoiled the play on either version of the game and I have to admit I spent a lot of time on the 360 one since I am more comfortable with that pad than anything else. Having the extra 2 player co-op options really does help to bulk out the main game itself and it has a generous and well thought out checkpoint-save system that means you're not being needlessly frustrated. It's a good looking fun romp and the game is perfect for kids and grown-ups alike.
81 (Feb 23, 2011)
Dennoch verpasst de Blob 2 systemübergreifend die Chance, im Konzert der ganz großen Sprunghelden mitzuspielen. Dafür ist der Schwierigkeitsgrad einfach zu niedrig. Bis auf viel zu wenige Ausnahmen wird man weder in der umfangreichen 3D-Welt noch in den neuen seitwärts scrollenden Abschnitten gefordert. Das ist umso bedauerlicher, da das Team um Mike Haggis im Umfeld viel richtig gemacht hat: Der Umfang ist mit 15 bis 18 Stunden üppig, das Artdesign überzeugt und Charme ist Blob und seinen Freunden ohnehin nicht abzusprechen. Da man sich gegen Ende bei Elementen aus Super Mario Galaxy bedient, hätte man sich auch hinsichtlich des Schwierigkeitsgrades am sprunggewaltigen Nintendo-Klempner orientieren können. Dort wird gezeigt, dass Anspruch und Familienunterhaltung sich nicht ausschließen müssen.
80 (UK) (Feb 22, 2011)
Ultimately, though, that excellent idea at its core is enough to keep you going all the way through to the end of de Blob 2. It's an endearing, creative and charismatic platformer with an abundance of bright ideas and the wisdom not to overplay any of them. It's just what you need in the middle of a dull, grey February.
79 (Mar 17, 2011)
de Blob 2 surprised me on many levels. The game deals with some heavy issues for being a kids game, and the colorful graphics are nicely done. However, what may be the biggest surprise to me is the fact that the game kept me entertained and interested even with Dragon Age 2 waiting to be played. Kids should have a great time with this game, and fans of platforms will find something to enjoy here as well.
XboxAchievements (Mar 06, 2011)
De Blob is a charming way to pass some time, but a few camera niggles and repetitive levels mar what could have been a superb title. As it is there is still plenty to appreciate here for young and old, plus the characters and cutscenes are good for a chuckle as well. Overall this is a refreshingly vibrant platformer that provides a welcome change of pace.
Gaming Nexus (Feb 22, 2011)
A solid game for kids that adults will probably enjoy as well. The game play is a little repetitive but it's something that everyone will find enjoyable.
MondoXbox (Feb 25, 2011)
De Blob 2 risulta essere un titolo carismatico e interessante, con meccaniche di gioco estremamente divertenti, un personaggio che non potrà non entrare nel vostro cuore e un comparto audio di spessore. L'estrema accessibilità pensata probabilmente per i più piccoli penalizza però adulti e giocatori navigati: un po’ più lungo e difficile sarebbe stato un must.
75 (Feb 25, 2011)
Si le gameplay manque un peu d'originalité, le titre se rattrape en nous proposant une merveilleuse balade musicale. Faire interagir la bande-son avec l'explosion de couleurs qui se produit à l'écran est incontestablement une excellente idée. Au final, il s'agit donc d'un jeu rafraîchissant qui vous permettra de prendre un peu d'avance sur le printemps en apportant un peu de couleurs à votre quotidien.
GameSpot (Feb 23, 2011)
De Blob 2 has great moments, when the music, the visuals, and the act of restoring color to the world all come together to create a sense of pure joy. These high points make the frustrations all the more disappointing; there are times when you experience the great game that de Blob 2 almost was. Nobody ever said starting a revolution would be easy, but de Blob 2 substitutes a punishing, uncharacteristic mean streak for real, satisfying challenge. You may be able to overlook these issues and still find the joy to be had in restoring color to the places and people of Prisma City, but not all your memories of this game will be groovy ones.
de Blob 2 repose sur les acquis de son prédécesseur et n'offre finalement que peu de nouveautés. Le plaisir de redonner vie et couleur à un monde sinistré séduit toujours autant, grâce notamment à une bande son exceptionnelle et un personnage principal très attachant. Vous aurez vite à cœur de jouer avec les couleurs. Un titre frais pour boucler cet hiver trop long.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Mar 01, 2011)
Regenbogen en uitbundigheden ten spijt is De Blob 2 een grijze muis geworden. De heerlijke sfeer en het milde speelplezier kunnen de repetitiviteit en oppervlakkigheid niet compenseren.
60 (Mar 07, 2011)
Tous les ingrédients du premier opus sont réunis : un principe original de "coloriage" de niveaux en musiques groovy "interactives", des cinématiques super rigolotes, une bonne humeur générale et une réalisation très correcte... Mais de Blob 2 ne nous surprendra jamais autant que son prédécesseur, l'effet de surprise est passé et cette suite souffre surtout d'un mauvais rythme, d'une répétitivité qui se fait vite sentir et qui lasse dès les premiers niveaux. Dommage pour ceux qui l'attendaient de pied ferme, même s'il reste un jeu de plateforme pour le moins original, qui a toujours de belles qualités et surtout beaucoup de charme.