Eternal Sonata Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen
A scene from the introduction
The game begins here.
Running through a sewer; watch out for rats!
The battle screen
Dead end! I'll need to find another path around this lake...
Exploring a fortress.
This glowing thing is a save point.
Two of our main characters in a cut-scene
Ready to begin a journey?
Another one of those dragons guards the path.
Introducing some characters...
Attacking a large opponent.
You can buy items from merchants.
Exploring a dangerous cave...
From the category "be careful what you wish for".
One of the in game menus
Mr. Chopin in a cut-scene
About Chopin and his music
In a swamp; monsters are numerous here!
The locals offer some advice.
Wandering through a poisonous forest.
Prepare to attack with sacred strike.
In-game menu for a character
About to enter a suspect looking cave...
The question mark means I may be able to perform an action here? Hmm...
A successful special attack
One of my characters is getting beat up.
On a ship's deck
Polka in a cut-scene
Fighting pirates...
A little bit about the music playing
Meeting some new characters.
Some more background story
Wandering an icy region.
Fighting snow dragons!
Found something in a treasure chest...
Lots of monsters are found on this path.
An enemy uses a powerful magic spell against me.
Something strange has happened in this town...
Approaching a dungeon entrance...
Lost; which way should I go from here?