XGRA: Extreme G Racing Association Screenshots

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Start screen
Pilot selection
Adjusting bike settings
Loading screen
Rushing into the giant loop
Arrows on the ground provide a speed boost.
Target locked! Cyborg doesn't like this, though.
There even are fictitious advertising banners along the road.
Creating a custom race event
Yep, you'll drive at Saturn's orbit
Seventh? I should catch up with the first!
Such a giant spiral!
Riding in a pack
Whoosh, whoosh! Now I'm third.
Choosing the team to race for
My new subsonic bike
Taking the damage
At the start line
Such a mess!
I'll use mines right after overtaking the pack.
Eat the dust? Hell, no!
Almost done
Using the "Vampyre" weapon
The giant tubes of the sea circuit
Quite a jump! Just don't lose the controls.
I've fulfilled the contract for the current race and my manager expresses his emotions over it.
Be careful not to bump into barriers
Yay, I'm the first!
Current championship results. We're leading.
Event finished, with maximum points earned and all contracts completed. Nice!
I've unlocked something.
Viewing the concept art
It's a double rainbow all the way!
Speeding up, there is only one lap to race here.
Setting the mines
Through the tunnel
I've set new record in time trial.
Power sliding
Watching the replay
You can unlock stuff via the cheats menu

Xbox version

Title screen
Select a bike
Racing through a dark metropolis