Z Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Commander Zod just shot up the Bitmap Brothers logo.
Main menu
Successfully landed on the desert planet.
Level loading screen
Starting first level (SVGA).
Starting first level (VGA).
First enemy headquarters is history!
Level won screen
Level lost screen
A tank (the larger the better) is the most deadly weapon in Z.
Bridges are dangerous places.
A medium tank attacks the enemy grunts on the island (note the stressed robot avatar) screenshot taken from the german version

iPad version

Main menu
Briefing and tips for the upcoming level.
The enemy HQ is no more.
Commander Zod knows how to make a point...
After completing a level, reviewing my score.
Brad and Allan don't take the war very seriously.
New level. This is my HQ. If it's destroyed, it's game over.
This vehicle factory is controlled by the enemy.
Jeep versus Grunts.
Making tanks in this factory.
If you kill the pilot without damaging the vehicle itself, one of your robots can take control of the vehicle.
Tanks don't need roads, they make them!
Tank versus Psychos. It didn't go well for the Psychos...
Tank versus Tank. Usually the first to shoot is the winner.
Checking the minimap.
Vehicles can also capture territories.
Advancing on the enemy HQ from both sides.
Ka-Boom! Another battlefield has been "pacified".

Windows version

Loading screen
Introduction sequence
Main menu
Start of the first mission