Days of Thunder Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

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ZX Spectrum version

Load screen by Mr Pixels
The game is either controlled by a Kempston joystick or a keyboard. Whether the player answers Yes of No the next screen is the credits, there is no key redefinition option
The Credits screen
The game starts with the Daytona race. Here is the driver pulling up at the garage / pit stop
before the race there's a picture/map of the track. The small white dot on the lower straight is the players car alone on the grid
The start of the qualifying lap
Pits ahead - though the exit ramp is not obvious. They're not needed anyway as the car's in tip-top condition as shown by the lower right schematic
There's been some contact with the track wall and the offside tyres have turned blue to indicate this. When there is contact the game makes a brief hissing sound.
More contact and now all tyres show pink on the schematic
After pink the tyre's colour changes to red, then yellow and finally white. After that any further contact results in a crash with the car spinning along the track
Having qualified the player then enters the race. Is Daytona the 'World Centre of Racing'? Here there are many cars on the starting grid and the players position is indicated by a blinking spot.
Daytona race starts, there's no indication its a 12 lap race until the very beginning
The race is underway. The player must change gear. If the stick is pressed forward then the gear changes up, if its pulled back then the gear changes down. The gear graphic is in the lower left corner
This is what the payer sees after a crash. There's the spinning car graphic followed by this
The race is followed, naturally enough, by the race results which scroll upwards. This is then followed by the Series Cup race results which scrolls through the totals so far
There's no repeat of Daytona, the game moves on to the next track which is Phoenix
Lining up for the Phoenix International race. Its a 14 lap race round an oval track, how hard can that be....