Space Gun Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Title Screen.
The intro is played out with still images and text.
The majority of the levels are inside space stations.
This insect type enemy is the first of many that you will encounter.
The insect enemies explode in a satisfying shower of chucks when killed.
These gun turrets appear from the ceiling and need destroying quickly.
The guy with the yellow hair is one of the humans and you should avoid shooting at all costs.
These spider/crab things jump at you and in large numbers.
These aliens slash at you draining your health.
Using the smart bomb results in a fiery explosion.
If you manage to not cause any casualties you are rewarded extra credits.
The intro for level 2.
More species of the aliens appear.
Shoot at these familiar looking egg/pods.
The first boss is a Centipede type monster.
Investigate why the starbase comms are down.
Level 3 is set out on the planets surface which is a welcome break from the stagnant corridors.
Our old friend the Centipede makes a second appearance.
You arrive at the Starbase, are the occupants in danger?
Shooting the things on the wall gives you much needed health pickups.
Fighting the moth type creatures although they are small they can shoot back.
The third boss is a Stingray type monster.
Is there anyone left alive in the base.
More of the moth type monsters.
Behind the door is what at first you think lots of survivors but they turn into the slasher monsters to add even more suspense.
The fourth boss is a behemoth and takes lots of shot to kill.
The bad ending results in the base being destroyed.
You return to earth saddened by the loss of the starbase and the survivors within.
The aliens have overrun your ship and you must fight them in a very enclosed space.