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About myself:First Apperence: Amazing Moby# 15 Real Name: Unknown Rating: Awesome Powers: Sarcasm, and general assholeness. Can kill a bad game with a key stroke.

"To be popular one must be a mediocrity"-Oscar Wilde-

++++++++++++Abstract Craziness+++++++++++++

Why is Square/Eidos remaking FFX and X2? Even most FF fans hate these. Where the hell is Deus Ex HD?

Some of my favorite novels/literature include:

"The Man Who Was Thursday"(G.K. Chesterton) "The Man In The High Castle"(Philip K. Dick) "I Am Legend"(Richard Matheson) "The Hithickers Guide To The Galaxy Series, and the "Dirk Gently" novels(Douglas Adams) "Magician"(Raymond E. Feist) "Dune"(Frank Herbert) "Bridge Over The River Kwai"(Pierre Boulle) "Shogun"(James Clavell) "Watchmen", "The Killing Joke", and "V For Vendetta"(Alan Moore) Anything by Poe or Lovecraft.