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Oleg Roschin

E-Mail Address:(private)
Contribution Rating:164813 (ranked 2nd; 3292 in last year)
Member SinceApr 24, 2001
# Messages Posted:8590
Location:Israel Israel flag
About myself:I'm a performing jazz pianist and educator living in Shanghai with my wife, who is a jazz singer.

I was born 1976 in St. Petersburg, Russia, immigrated to Israel in 1988, attended college in Berlin, and moved to China in 2005.

I'm interested in religions, history, philosophy, literature, languages, and obviously music and video games.

I'm one of the oldest MobyGames contributors - I've been with this website since 2001. In my contributions I mainly focused on Japanese, Chinese, and Korean new game entries, and I'm proud to say I was the first to summarize the plots and write English descriptions for many of those games.

My favorite genre is Western RPG. I also enjoy some Japanese RPGs, classic Western adventures, first-person shooters, open-world action and driving, and occasional platformers. Check out my Have List for my favorite games.