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About myself:כאיל תערג על אפיקי מים כן נפשי תערג אליך אלהים
(Psalm 42)

I'm a pianist and music educator currently living in Shanghai. I was born 1976 in the Soviet Union, immigrated to Israel in 1988, attended college in Berlin, and moved to China in 2005. I'm ethnically Jewish but religiously Christian. I'm also interested in history, philosophy, literature, and languages.

My favorite genre is RPG (Western). I also like classic Western adventures. I enjoy some open-world action games, first-person shooters, Japanese RPGs and platformers. I'm not interested in strategy, sports, or simulation games. I prefer open, flexible gameplay, exploration and problem-solving over action. I generally dislike linearity, simplifications, and artificial constraints in games.

Check out my Have List for my favorite games.