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GSP is the UK's leading consumer software publisher with a range of over 400 CD-ROM titles aimed at the home/small office computer user, many of which dominate the UK CD-ROM industry charts.

Since its formation in 1994, the company philosophy has been based around developing and publishing quality PC CD-ROM software, sold at competitive, value for money prices. The company has grown steadily over the years and now publishes a diverse portfolio of titles on behalf of some of the world's best known brands.

In 2001 Global Software Publishing acquired the rights to publish Dorling Kindersley's range of educational titles.

On 3rd May 2007 Avanquest Software announced to have taken over Emme, which also owned GSP in the UK. That way GSP was absorbed into Avanquest.

Also Known As

  • Global Software Publishing Ltd. (from 1994 to Apr 11, 2007)


4 Play Collection: Treasure Hunters(2014)
4 Play Collection: Mystery Places(2014)
Disney Frozen: Olaf's Quest(2013)
39 Steps, The(2013)
World's Legends: Kaschey the Immortal, The(2013)
Fortune Winds: Ancient Trader(2012)
Triple Play Collection: Jewel Legends(2011)
Margrave Mysteries: The Lost Ship(2011)
Triple Play Collection: Mystery Thrillers(2011)
Detective Agency 2: The Banker's Wife(2011)
Us & Them: Cold War(2011)
Adventure Mysteries Triple Pack(2010)
Dracula Files, The(2010)
10,000 Games(2010)
Braid / Mysterious City: Vegas(2010)
Hidden Mysteries Collection(2010)
Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Persian Carpet(2009)
Mystery Stories: Island of Hope(2009)
Junior Brain Trainer(2009)
Jewel Quest III(2009)
Monster Trux Extreme: Offroad Edition(2009)
Adventure Chronicles: The Search for Lost Treasure(2009)
James Patterson: Women's Murder Club - Death in Scarlet(2009)
Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service(2009)
Mah Jong Quest III: Balance of Life(2009)
War Games Trilogy(2009)
Mystery Stories(2009)
7 Wonders II(2009)
Private Eye: Greatest Unsolved Mysteries(2009)
Bus Simulator(2008)
Fallout: Trilogy(2008)
Mahjongg Investigations: Under Suspicion(2008)
Bus-Simulator 2008(2008)
Horse + Pony Magazine: My First Pony(2008)
Word Workout Games(2008)
Medieval Trilogy(2008)
555 Games: Volume 2(2008)
Jojo's Fashion Show(2008)
1000 Games: Volume 3(2008)
Mysteryville 2(2008)
Tycoon Trilogy(2008)
GP vs. Superbike(2008)
Pet Soccer(2008)
Hotel Giant(2007)
Worldwide Soccer Manager 2006(2007)
OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast(2007)
Hollywood Pets(2007)
Eyewitness: Your Complete CD-ROM Collection(2007)
Time to Ride: Saddles & Stables(2007)

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Address and contact details (2003):

Global Software Publishing Ltd
Customer Services
Meadow Lane
St. Ives
PE27 4BR
United Kingdom

Fax: +44 (0)1480 460 206

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