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Coktel Vision


Coktel Vision is a French game developer founded in 1985 and located in Paris. The company created adventure, action and educational games, many of which were published in Europe by Tomahawk, a subsidiary. MDO, another subsidiary, was established in Bordeaux and was responsible for most of the engineering, while graphics and design came from the headquarters in Paris.

The company was acquired by Sierra On-Line, Inc. in 1993. By this acquisition, Sierra became Coktel Vision's games publisher in the United States, and used the former Tomahawk distribution structure to build its own European distribution network. When Sierra was acquired by Havas Interactive in 1999, Coktel repositioned itself to develop only educational titles.

Coktel Vision was acquired by Mindscape SA in 2005.


Location and contact information in July 1995:

Coktel Vision
Immeuble Le Newton
Parc Tertiaire de Meudon
25 rue Jeanne Braconnier
92366 Meudon La Foret Cedex

Technical Support
Tel: +33-(1)-4601-4650
Fax: +33-(1)-4631-7172

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