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Creature Labs Ltd.


Cyberlife Technology, Ltd. was a a company based in Cambridge, England set up to develop the artificial life technology created by Steve Grand. Originally dedicated to Artificial Life simulations, the company is most famous for the Creatures franchise, but they also developed a standard range of computer games and provided the technology for the BBC gameshow BAMZOOKi.

In November 1999, the name was changed to Creature Labs Ltd after a consolidation of its teams down to just the entertainment group. Steve Grand's Applied Research R&D team was spun off as Cyberlife Research. They produced toys as well as sequels to the Creatures franchise.

The company was shut down in March 2003 and the intellectual property was picked up by Gameware Europe Ltd. The name is now used as an internal development division and brand label for Gameware Development.

Also Known As

  • Cyberlife Technology, Ltd. -- Company name until November 1999


The company website was formerly located at www.cyberlife.co.uk

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