D Wonderland Inc.


D Wonderland was founded in 1982 in Tokyo by two brothers, Toshirō and Eiji Yokoyama as T&E Soft. They are best known for their Hydlide series, as well as various golf games. In 2002 T&E was renamed D Wonderland. In 2003 Toshirō Yokoyama founded Digital Golf, which continued publishing games under T&E brand. As a result, D Wonderland is often named "Old T&E", while Digital Golf is referred to as "New T&E".

Also Known As

  • T&E Soft, Inc. (from 1982 to May, 2002)


The company name is taken from the initals of the founders Toshirō Yokoyama and Eiji Yokoyama. It has subsequently been reinterpreted as "Technology & Entertainment".

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