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Davilex Games B.V.


Davilex is a game and software development studio established in The Netherlands in 1986 by David Brons and Lex van Oorspronk. They met in school and started with an application to manage financial shares. The company name is a contraction of their first names: David and Lex. Davilex' main aim is to create intuitive and affordable software. Later, they also started to manage other aspects of the process, such as publishing, marketing, sales and distribution.

Despite the intentions, the company has never risen above B-titles but was able to reach high sales by tapping into the local market with games based on Dutch scenery, such as A2 Racer (based on the A2 highway) and Amsterdoom (an FPS set in Amsterdam).


Company location and contact information (2002):

Public Relations
P.O. Box 174
3990 DD Houten
the Netherlands

tel: +31 (0)30 - 63 54 222
fax: +31 (0)30 - 63 50 007

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