Digital Illusions Canada, Inc.


Digital Illusions Canada, Inc., based in Ontario, was the Canadian division of the Swedish Digital Illusions CE AB. When the main company was acquired by Electronic Arts in October 2006, after a courtship since 2004, the Canadian division was closed because EA already had three divisions in the country at the time: Montreal, Vancouver and Burnaby.

Many of the staff were interviewed for new positions at EA, and the main activities of the studio were moved to the DICE headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. The former CEO, Fredrik Liliegren, went on to found RedJade and took a lot of employees with him. RedJade now creates art for console and PC games. Lead Designer Armando Marini founded TUSK Interactive.

Also Known As

  • Sandbox Studios, Inc. (from 1998 to Mar, 2001) -- Company name until Mar 2001.


The German online magazine 4Players named DICE as Best Developer of 2008.

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