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Focus Multimedia, formed in 1995, is the leading PC CD-ROM budget software publisher by value in UK retail (Source: Chart Track), specialising in high quality, affordable PC CD-ROMs aimed at both children and adults. The Focus range consists of over 300 titles, including Games, Lifestyle, Creativity, Knowledge and Travel. Focus Multimedia has distribution channels into major retail outlets such as PC World, WHSmith, Staples, Game, via the Internet through as well as non-traditional chains.

Focus Multimedia sells its products under the different labels of Revival, "Essential" and "PC Fun Club".

Also Known As

  • Reeves Sigma Computer Training Limited (from Sep 08, 1989 to Oct 05, 1995)
  • Diltons Limited (from Jul 27, 1989 to Sep 08, 1989)


Mysteries, Darkness & Hope(2014)
Minds & Mystery: 5 Game Pack(2014)
Little Noir Stories: The Case of the Missing Girl(2013)
Angry Birds: Space(2012)
Mystery Trackers: Raincliff (Collector's Edition)(2012)
Agency of Anomalies: Mystic Hospital (The Collector's Edition), The(2012)
Hidden Mystery Collectives: House of 1,000 Doors 1 & 2, The(2012)
Murder, Mystery & Madness Triple Pack(2011)
A Gypsy's Tale: The Tower of Secrets(2011)
Hidden Mystery Collectives: Flux Family Secrets 1 & 2, The(2011)
Enlightenus II: The Timeless Tower (Collector's Edition)(2011)
Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story (Collectors Edition)(2011)
Trainz Railway Simulator: The Collector's Edition(2011)
Hidden Mystery Collectives: Lost Realms: Legacy of the Sun Princess / Lost Realms 2: The Curse of Babylon, The(2010)
Hidden Mystery Collectives: Drawn: The Painted Tower / Drawn 2: Dark Flight, The(2010)
Murder, She Wrote(2010)
Lost Cases of 221B Baker St., The(2010)
Murder Mystery & Mirrors Triple Pack(2010)
Men of War: Red Tide(2010)
Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove (Collector's Edition)(2010)
Drawn: The Painted Tower(2009)
Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle(2009)
Peggle: Nights(2009)
Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst(2009)
Mystery in London(2009)
Mystery Case Files: Huntsville(2009)
Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst(2009)
Smarter Brain Trainer(2009)
Azada: Ancient Magic(2009)
Drawn: The Painted Tower (Morrisons Edition)(2009)
Crazy Chicken: Jewel of Darkness(2008)
Mystery P.I.: The Lottery Ticket(2008)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl(2008)
Amazing Adventures: Around the World(2008)
Bejeweled: Twist(2008)
World War I(2008)
Insaniquarium! Deluxe(2008)
Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb(2007)
Deal or No Deal: The Official PC Game(2007)
Zuma Deluxe(2007)
Match Three Mega Pack(2007)
Mindscape's Brain Trainer(2007)
Red Faction II(2006)
World War II: Frontline Command(2006)
Beyond Good & Evil(2006)
Zoo Vet(2006)
World's Best Board Games, The(2006)
JumpStart Kindergarten Reading(2006)

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Head office contact information (2007):

Focus Multimedia Ltd
The Studios
Lea Hall Enterprise Park
Wheelhouse Road
WS15 1LH.

Phone: 01889 570156

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