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JoWooD Entertainment AG


JoWooD Entertainment AG was a publishing and production company. It was founded in 1995 in Austria by Andreas Tobler and Johann Schilcher as JoWooD Productions Software GmbH with the headquarters in the city of Lietzen. In October 2010 the headquarters were moved to Vienna.

It operated three divisions; Pinnacle Interactive, JoWooD Studios and Digital Media Limited and owned five subsidiaries; DreamCatcher Interactive, JoWooD Distribution Services, JoWooD Deutschland, JoWooD Iberica and Quantic Lab.

JoWood also had its own development studios JoWood Vienna and JoWood Ebensee, as well as a further group of outstanding studios in Germany: Wings Simulations, NEON Software and Massive Development.

In 2000 the main company was renamed JoWooD Productions Software AG. In October 2009 the name was changed to JoWooD Entertainment AG.

JoWooD filed for insolvency on 7th January 2011 and prepared for a procedure of capital reorganization. On 21st April 2011 the company announced that the application for a recapitalization plan was withdrawn and it faced bankruptcy proceedings. The assets of the company were bought in June 2011 by Wingefors Invest through its subsidiary GO Game Outlet AB as well as its subsidiary Quantic Lab. On 16th August 2011 Nordic Games Holding (associated with Game Outlet) announced to have taken over JoWooD along with all brands, products, and some subsidiaries, including The Adventure Company.

Currently, the name JoWooD survives as a publishing brand for Nordic Games GmbH.

Also Known As

  • JoWooD Productions Software AG (from 2000 to Oct, 2009)
  • JoWooD Productions Software GmbH (from 1995 to 2000)


The name JoWooD was ever since an inside joke by founder and long serving JoWooD Ebensee studio lead Hans Schilcher. It was never revealed where the name comes from and according to Mr. Schilcher himself there are just two people in the world who know where the name comes from.

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