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Thick veins of the magical ore Ember lie beneath the streets of Torchlight, and fortune seekers have been flocking to the small mining town since its discovery. To extract the valuable ore, a labyrinth of tunnels has been dug deep into the earth. What the miners don't know, but will soon discover, is that something much more deadly resides beneath. Ruined civilizations, now long forgotten, have hidden horrors no one can even imagine .. and now those horrors are about to surface. It is up to you and your trusty companions to stop the onslaught of monsters and save the town's citizens.

Torchlight is a single-player action role-playing game in which you play one of three character classes: The Destroyer (a warrior), The Alchemist (a spellcaster), or The Vanquisher (a rogue). Each character class has unique weapons and armor and three skill sets.

Although the majority of gameplay is handled in typical Diablo-like fashion (exploring, killing monsters, completing quests, buying and selling, levelling up, etc.), there are a few distinguishing features. For instance, your character has a private stash for storing excess items. All of your party members also share an additional pack which can be used to transfer items between them.

The animal companion you choose at the beginning of the game can be used for a variety of purposes. This pet can wear two rings and an amulet, can carry as many items as you can in its own pack, and levels up with experience. Its items can be sold to shopkeepers or shared between the party. You can teach your pet tricks, like fetching dropped items or to cast two spells of your choosing. To turn your pet into a vicious fighting monster, feed it fish before a battle. Different fishes found or caught by you in the game have varied effects on your pet.

Most levels in the game are randomly generated. Inside you'll find secret rooms, traps, swinging bridges, levers, shrines, non-monster encounters, and elevation changes. The game features an auto-map feature to help you find your way around, and tool tips for getting acquainted with the gameplay.


  • 火炬之光 - Chinese spelling

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Average score: 82% (based on 64 ratings)


Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 68 ratings with 4 reviews)

Cute and cuddly Diablo clone. More like Fate II.

The Good
What is presented here is presented well.

The Bad
I couldn't get into Fate or Torchlight due to their lack of plot and I prefer a more mature visual style. It is a very simple formula...go into the mines, kill all the enemies, gather all the loot, and return to the surface...rinse and repeat.

The Bottom Line
If you prefer a colorful, cute, cartoonish art style and just want to kill enemies and gather loot then you will probably like this game (and its twin, Fate).

The elements missing from Torchlight which made Diablo II one of the best games ever made, are:

  1. Cinematic cut-scenes: In Diablo II these were the best! They were artistic, meaningful introductions to the next section of the plot. There are none in Torchlight.

  2. Atmosphere: The atmosphere fit the genre. Sound effects, colors, musical score all combined to create a mood. These aspects are too cute in Torchlight. It is pretty and well made, I just do not like the artistic style..

  3. Plot: Torchlight's plot is barely there. It took two elements from Diablo, the endless fighting and the plethora of loot with special item upgrades. Diablo II actually had a plot with elements of horror, mystery, and even some humor. In Torchlight, it is just go, kill, gather, sell.

Windows · by Rod Mayton (13) · 2011

What? huh? Where? STOP IT!

The Good
At the start of the game you can choose a pet which will be your companion. Aside from just acting as a cut pet they can also be used to go back to the surface to sell items you have collected. I really liked this because this is one of those games where every fight gives you at least two new weapons and most of them are useless, so instead of going back to sell them yourself you can explore the dungeon further while your pet does all the annoying work. Just be sure to give them a fish afterwards.

The Bad
This is one of the rare games where I get lost before all the tutorials are done and lose interest before figuring out what I did wrong. I was ordered to go back into a dungeon and find a location on the Third floor. Once I got back to the right floor I just started looking for it, but everything looked exactly the same and I ended up walking in circles without noticing. I also had a quest that told me to go a library, but never quite told me where the library was, there were a lot of quests that did this and it just left me confused and annoyed after just two hours of gameplay.

When you want to fight in this game you need to click on your opponent, when you want to walk in this game you need to click on the floor. This would be alright if the enemies weren't constantly moving around, but sadly they do. I have fought at least fifty groups of enemies and every single one of them was an uncontrollable mess. You want to hit an enemy, but you end up walking towards him instead. It's also annoying when you want to cast spells because it just ignored my commands half the time. You would think this means the fighting is hard, but no, there is no challenge to this. Once the enemies stand still you just hold down the button until they die and sometimes you use a potion to keep yourself alive.

It has the same problem as Borderlands where it just feels like the game takes 1% from another game and tried to present it as its own, in this case World of Warcraft. The graphics were pretty much identical aside from a lack of light (might have been my gamma settings); you have the same interface and everything is presented the same way. It's very odd to say the least, but World of Warcraft was a really entertaining game, so you'd think a rip-off of this magnitude would be slightly entertaining, right? The answer is "no".

The writing is deliberately kept simple, so the game can focus on the action, but this is a solution I can only respect so many times. When Borderlands did it, I cheered for it and I did the same for Portal, but by now it just starts to feel like the developers are lazy. I buy a game because I want an interactive story, I don't like it when I put a disc in my computer and discover that only the interaction is inside though. One last thing: please stop teasing us with cut-scenes and dialogue, if you don't want to tell a decent story you shouldn't have to interrupt the interaction with this kind of stuff.

My final complaint is that the town is very small and there is only one, you do practically no travelling around the main world and spend most of your time in the copy & pasted dungeons instead. This made me really sad because I have to agree that underground caverns aren't that interesting and there is little to no variety in there, but in other RPG's we at least get to visit some other places like castles or meadows. It's kind of funny how the town is so dark though, it makes it feel like you're still under the ground.

The Bottom Line
I tried to came up with positive things to talk about here, but I just stared at the "good" section of this review for ten minutes before giving up and mentioning the kitty you can have as a pet. I wanted to mention the graphics, but then I remembered that was the same as World of Warcraft, I wanted to mention the combat, but remembered it wasn't challenging. In short: This game wasn't worth my time or 2.97 EUR at all.

Maybe I am just spoiled and I need to accept that not every game has a well-written story or functional controls, maybe I also should come to terms with the fact that not every game can come up with its own graphics style or interface. If I have to recommend this game to somebody, it would probably be the fans of Diablo and similar games, I warn everybody to either stay clear of this game or buy it for somebody you really hate.

Windows · by Asinine (957) · 2011

Fun hack and slash experience, but nothing more.

The Good
I liked a lot of things, really. The pet was awesomely implemented. Feeding it fish to transform it into some other creature, sending it to town in order to sell the random items that you previously found, enabling it to cast spells (mine became a summoner basically), everything works fine and is great fun. I think the pet system was the best thing in the game.

I also enjoyed the game as a whole. It was definitely fun. Maybe not as fun as Diablo (hell, Darkstone, another Diablo "clone" was a bit more fun as well), but great fun nonetheless. I'd always find myself going back to hack and slash some more monsters.

The combat felt really good when using the right weapons and skills. I personally enjoyed the Vanquisher; cannons were a blast, and the Vanquisher's offensive skills felt really nice. Especially when you'd throw a fire arrow/ball at a large group of enemies.

Items were varied enough. Out of curiosity, I always tried to get better items. Armors looked really great on the character, which was a plus: thus, I always wanted to get a more awesome armor to put on my vanquisher. Which resulted in me playing more and more, in order to get better drops.

The graphics were great. Amazing, really. I have nothing to complain about here.

The music was nice too, though a bit unnoticeable.

The story was never a strong point for hack and slash games, and Torchlight's story makes no exception. I liked it, but that's because I expected less. It's still just an average storyline though. After all, you're here to kill monsters, right?

The Bad
The targeting system was a bit... no, it was horrible. I made a lot of mistakes because targeting was just too inaccurate. E.g. I had to try very hard to keep on targeting a fast moving enemy. That's just not right in this kind of games.

The game was surprisingly easy on the hardest difficulty setting up until the last 3 or 4 levels. Then it became hard like hell. Thus, the difficulty is quite unbalanced, and hardcore characters will most likely have serious trouble near the end. Mainly because the players might feel like rushing head on thinking the game is still as easy as it was one level before.

Fishing takes a lot of time in this game, and in the end you're left wondering if it's really worth it. At a certain point I continued to fish just to get the achievements done. Fishing takes just too much time, while the pet in its normal form is sufficiently strong to just not feed it any fish at all.

The lack of co-op mode is a real bummer. I would've enjoyed some hacking and slashing with my friends.

The game feels just like a generic hack and slash. It has a story, it has characters, it has its own world, but it has no depth. Whenever I try to remember about Torchlight, the pet comes to mind. Then the items, then the combat, then the graphics. Never a certain quest, nor the characters. A pity, really. I still remember killing the butcher in Diablo 1, and the awesomeness of Harrogath in Diablo 2.

The Bottom Line
A great title to spend your time with if you like hack and slash games. It's definitely not a Diablo killer, it's definitely not an excellent game, but it's worth your time and money if you ask me. If however you're not looking for a recent and good looking game, you might want to try Darkstone. It's a lot more fun, with a slightly better average kind of story, and with more memorable quests. It's also cheaper.

Windows · by Hypercake (1310) · 2012

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  • Game Developers Choice Awards
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    • 2009 - Best Indie Game
  • Gamespy
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