Danny Elfman

Game Credits


The Simpsons Wrestling (2001)   (The Simpsons Theme)


The Simpsons Game (2007)   (Written by)


Batman: Arkham Knight (2015)   ('Batman Theme, Main Title')
Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0 (2015)   ('Re-animation')
Fable: Anniversary (2014)   (Original Audio)
Just Dance Now (2014)   (Danny Elfman - 'This is Halloween')
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (2014)   (Score from Batman (1989), including bonus cues)
Disney Infinity (2013)   ("End Title (Nightmare Before Christmas)")
Grand Theft Auto V (2013)   ("Clown Dream")
Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 ReMIX (2013)   (Words and Music by)
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (2012)   (Original Music from 'Batman' 1989 Film Written by)
Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (2009)   ("This Is Halloween" Words by)
Wanted: Weapons of Fate (2009)   (Words by)
Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories (2008)   ("This is Halloween" Words and Music)
LEGO Batman: The Videogame (2008)   (Music)
LEGO Batman: The Videogame (2008)   (Music)
Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s (2007)   (“Only A Lad”)
The Simpsons Game (2007)   (The Simpsons Theme)
Fable: The Lost Chapters (2005)   (Audio)
Tony Hawk's American Sk8land (2005)   (Written by)
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (2005)   ("Who Do You Want to Be")
Fable (2004)   (Audio (Fable Intro Theme))
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (2004)   ("This is Halloween": Words and Music by)
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: ... (2004)   (Words and Music by)
007 3/4: Disappearance Time (2003)   (Music - "Beetlejuice" main theme by)
The Simpsons: Hit & Run (2003)   (The Simpsons Theme Song)
The Simpsons: Road Rage (2001)   (The Simpsons Theme Song by)
The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield (1997)   (Simpsons Theme)
The Simpsons Cartoon Studio (1996)   (Simpsons Theme by)
Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly (1991)   (Simpsons theme by)
The Flash (1991)   (Original Theme)
The Simpsons: Bart's House of Weirdness (1991)   (The Simpsons Theme by)
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants (1991)   (Simpsons Theme)
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the World (1991)   (Simpsons Theme)
The Simpsons (1991)   (Music)


Wanted: Weapons of Fate (2009)   (Very Special Thanks)
Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s (2007)   (Very Special Thanks to the Real Guitar Heroes)
Tales of the Odd: Brain Hotel (2004)   (The director wishes to think the following people/entities for making this game a reality, either through action or inspiration:)
Liath: WorldSpiral (1998)   (Special Thanks To)
Urban Strike (1994)   (Special Thanks)


The Simpsons Game (2007)   (The Simpsons Theme)

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