A-Train series

Group Description

A series of strategy games where the player needs to construct train networks, developed by the Japanese company Artdink Corporation and originally known as Take the A-Train or A Ressha de Ikou (A列車で行こう). The progression of the series is linear, even if the subsequent games tend to be released on varying platforms. An exception is the third part of the series, known as A-Train in the US, which was later enhanced with a construction set.

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Selected Covers

Railroad Empire DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Railroad Empire
C.E.O. DOS Front Cover
Front cover for C.E.O.
A-Train DOS Front Cover
Front cover for A-Train
A-Train Construction Set DOS Front Cover
Front cover for A-Train Construction Set

Selected Screenshots

Screenshot from A Ressha de Ikō MD
Title screen (the native resolution for this and all following screenshots is 640x200).
Screenshot from Railroad Empire
Title screen
Screenshot from C.E.O.
Title screen
Screenshot from A-Train
Title screen.
Screenshot from A-Train Construction Set