Genre: Rolling ball

Group Description

Games in which the player has to navigate a ball through a level. This is either done through direct control of a ball, or tilting the whole environment (like a wooden labyrinth game). The ball correctly responds to physics which adds to the difficulty of the game. Possibly the player has to collect power-ups or avoid hazardous obstacles or reach an exit.

Game Exclusions: Games where the player doesn't have continuous influence over the ball's motion, such as golf, pinball, or billiards games, or where the influence is limited to other objects.

Selected Covers

I-Fluid Windows Front Cover
Front cover for I-Fluid
Labyrinth iPad Front Cover
Front cover for Labyrinth
Type:Rider: Creation Kit Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Type:Rider: Creation Kit
Aagh! Xbox 360 Front Cover
Front cover for Aagh!

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from I-Fluid
Main Menu
Screenshot from Labyrinth
The game's homepage. Your current ranking is shown in the box near the top.
Screenshot from Type:Rider: Creation Kit
Main menu
Screenshot from Cubosphere
Main menu (Free version)
Screenshot from Neon Zone