Heretic and Hexen series

Group Description

Developed by Raven Software, this series of 3D shooters set in a medieval fantasy world has an overarching story which includes both Heretic and Hexen titles, uniting all games with these names into one series.

The first Heretic (1994) used the Doom engine to re-create first-person shooter gameplay in a medieval fantasy world, and added new gameplay features such as an inventory. Hexen (1995) expanded customization and exploration, introducing three playable character classes and hub levels. This tendency culminated in Hexen II (1997), which had strong RPG elements such as character attributes and experience points. Heretic II (1998), on the other hand, returned to the simpler systems of the earlier games and also switched the perspective from first- to third-person.

Selected Covers

H!Zone DOS Front Cover
Front cover for H!Zone
Hexen: Beyond Heretic DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Hexen: Beyond Heretic
Heretic II Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Heretic II

Selected Screenshots

Loading Heretic level HELLFURY.WAD
Screenshot from H!Zone
Title screen
Screenshot from Hexen: Beyond Heretic
Entering Silverspring
Screenshot from Heretic II
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