Historical conflict: Arab-Israeli conflict

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Hostilities between Jewish and Arab inhabitants of the Middle Eastern geographical region that has been known, throughout history, as Canaan, Israel, Judaea, Palestine, and simply the Holy Land, date as far back as the year 635 AD, when the land was conquered by Arab Muslims. However, the term "Arab-Israeli conflict" refers to the tensions, violence, and wars between Arabs and Jews that followed the proclamation of the Jewish state Israel (established in 1947), and the Arabs' opposition to it.

Included are games that deal broadly with any diplomatic or armed conflicts between Israel and the surrounding Arab states, or specifically with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which refers to the violent confrontations and possible peaceful solutions regarding the disputed territories captured by Israel during the Six-Day War of 1967.

Note: Included games need not be historically and factually accurate, though they must specifically deal with the aforementioned conflict. Due to the variety of political, cultural, ideological, religious, and ethnic tensions involved in the conflict, the use of the video game medium for propagandistic purposes by some of the developers affiliated with a participant in the conflict is inevitable.

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Air Force Commander DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Air Force Commander
Southern Command Apple II Front Cover
Front cover for Southern Command
Overrun! Commodore 64 Front Cover
Front cover for Overrun!

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Screenshot from Air Force Commander
Title screen
Screenshot from Intifada
Title/setup screen.
Screenshot from Southern Command
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