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Protagonist: Demon

Group Description

This group includes games in which the main playable character is a demon: a supernatural being usually characterized by having an intimidating appearance, magical powers, and often malevolent intentions.

  • Games in which demons are secondary characters (e.g. companions or members of a player-controlled party) should not be included in the group.
  • Games in which the protagonist has demonic powers, is possessed by a demon, has partial demon blood, etc., without actually being a demon, should be excluded from the group.
  • Games with vampire protagonists are likewise not allowed.
  • Games in which the protagonist begins as a human but later becomes a demon are allowed.

Selected Covers

Last Armageddon NES Front Cover
Front cover for Last Armageddon
Disgaea DS Nintendo DS Front Cover
Front cover for Disgaea DS

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Last Armageddon
Title screen with main menu.
Screenshot from Disgaea DS
Title screen
Screenshot from Demon's Crest