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QIX variants

Group Description

Basing upon the arcade game of the same name, you are in control of a marker of some sort and have to cut off pieces of the playfield, creating a big safe area, while avoiding to be hit by the enemies.

Unlike QIX Series, this group is not just for official QIX games, but for any remake using the QIX game play idea.

Selected Covers

GalPaniX Windows Front Cover
Front cover for GalPaniX
Bully PlayStation 2 Front Cover
Front cover for Bully
Sexy Puzzmaniac J2ME Front Cover
Front cover for Sexy Puzzmaniac
Space Xonix Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Space Xonix

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from SeXoniX
Title screen
Screenshot from Bully
Title screen
Screenshot from Miss World '96
Title screen
Screenshot from Sexy Puzzmaniac
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