Assassin's Creed II

Assassin's Creed II Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Title screen
Main menu
Loading sequence.
Your uncle's property is quite nice piece of land.
In your mother's room, looking from the 1st-person perspective.
Sorry, this morning I'm gonna skip the practice.
Jumping into the unknown... he sure can sustain a falling damage.
Checking new weapons at the armory.
Blending with crowd is the essence of stealth play.
When you get tired of running around, let the horse do it for you.
For the right price you can travel to any town in an instant (not considering the loading time).
Ah Florence, looks like any other day.
"Swing it, shake it, move it, break it, show 'em how good you aaare!"
Once again, no place is out of your reach.
Let's hope nobody's gonna move that haystack below.
Only Ezio and eagles are crazy enough to reach for the top.
A leap of faith.
I'm still alive... well, it's a game after all.
Use smoke bomb to confuse the enemies for a brief period of time, and lower their ranks.
That was a good counter-attack, I'll say.
And stay down!
Swinging is one thing, hitting is what counts.
You can pay courtesans to help you blend in the crowd or have them seduce the guards.
Map of the area.
Nothing strange at the docks.
Fisherman won't mind you passing by... this time running, swimming, flying, it's all there.
You can rotate the camera simply to enjoy the view or when you search for something.
This area looks quite desolate comparing to towns.
Mr. Haystack, here I come!
With twin-blades you can kill two guards at once before raising any suspicion.
That's three down, one to go.
Weapon and items selection screen won't pause the game.
Locking on to a single foe.
Even though heavily outnumbered by the heavy-armour guards, Ezio does not surrender easily.
When you don't have any weapon and grab an enemy, you'll be able to show some serious moves.

Assassin's Creed II Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

The sequel begins with a quick recap of the original.
Interesting tutorial.
Escaping the institute. Are some of Desmond's fighting memories staying with him?
Your new support crew.
Ezio, your next ancestor.
You can grab individual enemies to lock them up in fights.
Looting is a new mechanic for the sequel.
Every person or place you visit gets a database entry added.
Hitting the streets.
Free running works the same as the first game.
The rooftops are still your friends.
Hidden treasure chests can be looted.
Ezio's not an Assassin yet, but he can still climb like one.
Climbing high.
Synchronization points fill in areas of your map if you climb to them.
And of course, there's the dramatic way down.
Shops exist around town that sell everything from weapons to paintings for your home.
Ezio's villa. Spend money to upgrade it.
Weapons room in your villa. Purchased weapons stored here.
Codex pages are scattered around Italy. What could they mean?
Streets of your village. Invest in shops, and they'll pay back income.
Travelling through Tuscany on horseback.
Loading screen from "inside" the Animus.
Ahh, Venice.
Swordfighting still favors blocks and counters.
Climbing high towers (synch points) uncovers more of the map.
Streets of Venice.
Later in the game, Ezio will learn how to "blend" with groups to hide.
Wouldn't be Venice without canals.