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The ultimate barbarian fighting game, where a moment of hesitation can mean your head - literally! DOS Mickey Gabel (358)
You can thank Death Sword for MobyGames. DOS Trixter (8777)
More Conan than Conan itself... Commodore 64 WWWWolf (421)
Never liked this one much. DOS Tomer Gabel (4351)

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 11 3.5
Amstrad CPC 9 4.0
Apple II 6 3.5
Atari 8-bit Awaiting 5 votes...
Atari ST 5 3.6
BBC Micro Awaiting 5 votes...
Commodore 64 13 3.6
DOS 9 3.0
Electron Awaiting 5 votes...
iPad Awaiting 5 votes...
iPhone Awaiting 5 votes...
ZX Spectrum 10 3.3
Combined User Score 63 3.5

Critic Reviews

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Amstrad CPCComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Jun, 1987)
Barbarian's actually isn't a really original concept. You've all seen something like it before in the myriad of combat games. What makes it so special is that Palace panache and faultless quality and craftsmanship of the designers, artists and programmers.
Commodore 64Tilt (Jul, 1987)
Barbarian est de loin le meilleur duel du moment.
Atari STGénération 4 (Jan, 1988)
Je regrette que la version ATARI ST n'ait été que très peu améliorée graphiquement. Cependant le réalisme du combat ainsi que l'intérêt du jeu sont restés excellents. Les animations sont fabuleuses et d'une grande précision. Les décors ont été légèrement améliorés par rapport aux versions 8 bits. Les sons ont été complètement refaits et digitalisés. Ils sont parfaits. On ressent la douleur des combattants quand ils encaissent un coup. Ce jeu est assurément le meilleur jeu de combat sur ST.
AmigaGénération 4 (Jul, 1988)
La version Amiga est la plus belle, surtout pour les décors. Les combattants, quant à eux, auraient pu être améliorés graphiquement. Barbarian reste le meilleur des jeux de combat.
Atari STComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Nov, 1987)
But, if you're quite not ready for the real thing, there's always the practice arena, where you can brush up you swordmanship without the inconvenience of an opponent trying to kill you. Miss it at your peril, and watch out for the football playing orc - he's a star!
Unless you have a weak stomach, you should tie on your lion-cloth, sharpen your sword, and dash out to the nearest bazaar for a copy of Barbarian right away.
AmigaCommodore User (Apr, 1988)
Barbarian on the 64 was great; this 16-bit incarnation is even better. It is graphically superior, a lot faster and smoother, and the use of sampled sound effects ice a beautifully prepared cake. One of the collection, methinks.
Atari STZzap! (Dec, 1987)
Barbarian is definitely the sort of game that gets loaded time and time again. It plays beautifully and has a fabulous 'feel' - you can really identify with the fighters. At a relatively cheap £15, Barbarian offers plenty of gory entertainment and shouldn't be missed.
Amstrad CPCAmstrad Action (Aug, 1987)
The graphics and animation are unsurpassed, the music excellent, the action difficult, and the sense of humour great. However, let's face it: its a combat game pure and simple The basic concept and action hasn't changed at all since the days of Fist, and I find it hard to get excited about the format. What the game has going for it is that it combines the graphics animation, speed and gameplay of all the other combat games to make a very playable one You'll be delighted at first, but with all the tarting-up in the world you can't disguise the basic gameplay.
Commodore 64Zzap! (Jul, 1987)
There are relatively few backdrops, and the gameplay doesn't alter significantly from screen to screen. Someone is bound to moan about the game's violent aspects, but until then, go get your copy and do some serious slaying.
Atari STThe Games Machine (UK) (Dec, 1987)
Barbarian on the ST is great. The sound enhances the game no end and the backdrops and side-snakes are very polished. The characters themselves could, perhaps, have been improved upon as they appear very similar to the Commodore 64 version, however this by no means detracts from the game play, and Palace do well with this very competent conversion.
Amstrad (Jul 21, 2011)
L’Amstrad CPC se dote d’un jeu de combat qui risque bien de marquer l’histoire du genre. Profitant d’une réalisation repoussant la machine dans ses derniers retranchements, le soft nous propose une expérience unique avec la possibilité de décapiter son adversaire ce qui reste le fer de lance du jeu. Mais avant d’arriver à cette attaque ultime, le joueur devra passer par un entraînement intensif afin de pouvoir maîtriser les nombreuses compétences de son barbare. Sans quoi, sa tête ne tardera pas à faire office de ballon de football.
Atari STYour Computer (Dec, 1987)
The animation is fast, although the sprites could perhaps do with a few more frames to make the appearance smoother. On the subject of the sprites, they appear to be merely "smoothed" versions of the eight-bit spntes rather than redrawn images a pity, since this means they aren't as good as. for instance, those in Psygnosis' game of the same name. However, the fighting action is excellent, and little details like the coup de grace, the mutie which drags off the bodies, and the final appearance of the princess once you have defeated the wizard are great.
Amstrad CPCTilt (Jul, 1987)
Barbarian est de loin le meilleur duel du moment.
Commodore 64Retrogaming History (Dec 28, 2009)
Barbarian è un classico, un fighting game sicuramente avanti per i suoi tempi. Questo titolo della Palace è conscio dei suoi limiti, o quanto meno gli va riconosciuto il merito di saperli sfruttare a dovere, possiede una struttura semplice ed essenziale, i duelli sono coinvolgenti ed il parco mosse a nostra disposizione è sufficientemente vario per dar origine ad una semplice strategia di gioco, almeno nel breve periodo. A lungo andare, infatti, la scarsa varietà generale penalizza l’intera produzione e conduce inesorabilmente alla noia, le sorti del titolo sono però risollevate dalla possibilità di combattere contro un avversario umano. Nonostante qualche limitazione, si tratta pur sempre di un titolo di successo.
Commodore 64Commodore User (Jun, 1987)
Although it is a bit sick, it has to be said Barbarian is a real winner. Beat 'em ups just refuse to lie down and die and, when they are as good as this gamers should be mightily grateful.
Amstrad CPCHappy Computer (1986)
Spielerisch ist Barbarian von höchster Güte. Ich halte es für das bisher beste Kampfspiel. Die Steuerung ist hervorragend gelöst und leicht zu beherrschen.
AmigaZero (Jan, 1990)
So although it's yet another beat 'em up, it looks good and is fun to play. If you're the sort who hankers after those bygone days of Exploding Fists on 8-bit machines, then you could do a lot worse than spend 10 quid on Barbarian. [Budget re-release]
Commodore 6464'er (Jul, 1987)
Die Animation der Figuren ist sehr gut und erstaunlich detailreich. Dies rührt sicher auch daher, daß die Programmierer zwei echte Kämpfer mit einer Video-Kamera aufgenommen und dieses Band dann als Vorlage benutzt haben. Auch die vier verschiedenen Hintergrundgrafiken können sich sehen lassen. Exzellent sind die Sound-Effekte und die Hintergrundmusik.
Atari 8-bitTop Secret (Feb, 1994)
No tak, małe Atari doczekało się kolejnej swojskiej interpretacji światowego hitu. Pół biedy, jeżeli chodzi o ściągnięcie tylko pomysłu, a cala reszta jest twórczym rozwinięciem owego. Jeżeli jest to niemal dokładna przeróbka, to jest to... hm, co ja tu będę wpadał w mentorski ton. Gierka (Edwarda) i tak jest całkiem niczego sobie.
A disappointing conversion of the chop and slash shocker, with graphics little improved from the Amstrad and C64 versions. Some very good digitised sound effects have been included but the animation looks jerky and isn't really what we expect of an ST game.
AmigaAmiga Power (Aug, 1991)
[Budget re-release] About as much fun as these things get. Great in 2-player mode, but only worth buying if you've already got IK+ and want something a bit different.
The two-player option does little to pep up the interest level, so though the game's amusing in the short term, there's nothing much here to make you want to come back to it time and time again.
DOSJoystick (French) (Jan, 1990)
A graphisme simple, maniement simple. De ce point de vue, ça va pas vous prendre la tête. En une dizaine de minutes, vous saurez manier votre barbare comme un chef. Le scénario est lui aussi des plus simples, donc pas de surprises de ce côté non plus. Des tableaux pas très variés, déjà que les couleurs ne le sont pas alors... On en a vite fait le tour et ça va aller vite fait... aux oubliettes.