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WindowsAdventure Classic Gaming (Oct 07, 2014)
In sum, Doctor Who: The Adventure Games: Episode Three: TARDIS is quite an enjoyable game, albeit its shortened length. While fans of Doctor Who will undoubtedly relish the experience, non-fans of the show will also likely gain some pleasure playing the game. Compared to previous computer games featuring Doctor Who, this game is definitely among the better adaptations of the franchise.
WindowsAdventure Gamers (Jan 17, 2011)
The show’s base appeal is well intact, with the lead protagonists playing off one another as they do so well on television, along with some very familiar foes to oppose. There are also lots of different gameplay styles mixed together (some more successful than others) for variety, but each episode has been plagued by problems, some recurring and others distinct. Shadows of the Vashta Nerada is no different, being brought down by its truly awful plot resolution and a failure to fully capitalise on the creepiness of its titular enemies. As with each instalment so far, it is available for free to UK residents from the Doctor Who website or for a small cost at Direct2Drive, so where you live will certainly impact its value. Either way, if you’re a fan of the time traveller’s crazy adventures, you’re sure to find something in these episodes to like, but here’s hoping the planned second series builds upon what this season has only begun.
WindowsBright Hub (Jan 24, 2011)
Fans of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games will enjoy Shadows of the Vashta Nerada for the addition of a new game to the series as well as its more varied gameplay. As the last game of the series it isn’t clear if the game engine is set to be renewed or if SUMO Digital are to relinquish their involvement but sadly something has to change. While free in the UK these games are evidently sold elsewhere in the world and in most cases only the most vociferous Doctor Who fans would pay for a gaming experience this short, shallow or ultimately unrewarding.
WindowsAdventure's Planet (May 03, 2011)
Alla fine di tutto, rimane la delusione per un occasione persa visto le grandi opportunità, idee e argomenti trattati nella serie televisiva. Speriamo che qualora venga presa in considerazione una seconda stagione ci sia un cambio di rotta, perché così non ci siamo proprio, nonostante la bassa cifra a cui viene venduto il gioco.
40 (Jan 04, 2011)
Even as a free download this final offering still provides very little entertainment for either adventure fans or Whovians.