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My earliest memories of computer games were things like the Pong home system my married brother had and handheld games like Merlin. Once arcade machines began to proliferate with Space Invaders and Asteroids I became an arcade junkie.

I've never owned a game console (possibly due to my penny-pinching parents) and up until the SNES, arcade graphics were always better so I'd hop on the subway to go downtown to an area where all the huge arcades were and pump many a quarter into those machines. When I finally got a PC for schoolwork and education when I was in College, naturally I acquired some games for the 5 1/4" boot drive. Finally when I was out on my own in the world near the turn of the century, I bought an internet-capable PC and became hooked on Unreal Tournament and 3D adventures. Also, through abandonware sites I came to love older games and became obsessive on the history of games. Platformers and games with cute or eye-candy graphics are also a weakness of mine.

I'm also passionate in life (hehe) and on movies as an artform.