Command & Conquer Credits


Executive ProducerBrett W. Sperry
ProducerEdward Alexander Del Castillo
Original ConceptJoseph Bostic, Eydie Laramore, Brett W. Sperry
Original StoryEydie Laramore
Lead ProgrammersJoseph Bostic, William Randolph
ProgrammersDenzil E. Long Jr., Phillip W. Gorrow, Barry Green, David R. Dettmer, Maria del Mar McCready Legg
Technical DirectionSteve Wetherill
Lead DesignerErik Yeo
DesignersEydie Laramore, Michael Lightner, Larry Serrat, Jason Sexton
Lead ArtistsAaron E. Powell, Matthew Hansel, Victor Gerth
ArtistsChristopher D. Demers, Joseph B. Hewitt IV, Damon Redmond, Shelly Johnson, Jack Martin, Cameron Chun, Nicholas deSomov, David Dame, Ren Olsen, Bhavin Patel
Video & FilmFelix Kupis, Eric Gooch
Casting & DirectionJoseph D. Kucan
Grip & Prop MasterPaul Bastardo
ScreenplayRon Smith
Audio DirectionPaul S. Mudra
Original SoundtrackFrank Klepacki
Sound EffectsDwight Kenichi Okahara
QA DirectionGlenn Sperry, Chris McFarland
Quality AssuranceJesse Clemit, Kenneth Dunne, Christopher M. Rubyor, Troy Leonard, Paul Bastardo, David Maxey, Bijan Shaheer, Scott Manning, Chris Nelsen, Jeff Gordon, Tom Rademacher, Lisa Hoffman, Glenn Burtis, Mick Love, Victor Rodriguez, Gordon L. Madison Jr., Nick Camerota, Robert Dearborn, Stacey Mendoza, Patrick Connelly, Kenneth Kupis
Box DesignLauren Rifkin
Manual DesignPenina Finger, Eydie Laramore
The CastEric Martin (as General Sheppard), Joseph D. Kucan (as Kane), Bill Collins (as Carter), Eric Gooch (as Seth), Wendy Bagger (as Morelli), Richard Smith (as Dr. Mobius), Eric Randall (as Greg Burdette), R. C. Favero (as Science Show Host), Marcia Swayze (as Female Reporter), Aaron E. Powell (as GDI Soldier #1), Michael Lightner (as GDI Soldier #2), Bhavin Patel (as Nod Soldier #1), Edward Alexander Del Castillo (as Nod Soldier #2 / Nod Cyberspace Soldier), Paul Bastardo (as Nod Soldier #3), Christopher M. Rubyor (as Nod Soldier #4), Victor Gerth (as Nod Soldier), Glenn Sperry (as Engineer), William Randolph (as Engineer), Ian Pugh (as Nod Panicked Soldier / Nod Cyberspace Soldier), Frank Klepacki (as Nod Cyberspace Soldier / Other Voices), Theodore A. Morris (as Nod Communications Officer), Kia Huntzinger (as Voice of EVA), Jeff Steven Fillhaber (as Voice of Yelling Interrogator), Paul S. Mudra (as Voice of In-game Infantry), Rob Sandberg (as Voice of In-game Infantry), Elie Arabian (as Voice of In-game Vehicle Personnel), Dwight Kenichi Okahara (as Voice of In-game Vehicle Personnel), Jason Buchanan (as Other Voices), Elsbeth Wetherill (as Other Voices), Clifford Davis (as Other Voices), Rick Gush (as Other Voices), Penina Finger (as Other Voices)
"(?) Times" (Nod Credit Theme) byI AM, Frank Klepacki, Rod Arnett, Dan Ryan, Greg Greer
Audio Technology byHMI Inc.
Direct Digital Audio (DDA) byWestwood Studios
Special Thanks ToSean Brennan (for the spaceship), Matthew Spall (and his graviton top), Louis Beatty ('the madman'), Laurie Anderson (for The Bright Red), Those great folks at Autodesk, Monty and Sonic Foundry, Everyone else at Westwood Studios, All of you future generals & dictators who waited so patiently while we finished this game!

European Credits

European Product Co‑ordinatorMatthew Spall
Product Manager (VIE UK)Rosemarie Dalton
Voice Talents (France)Jean-Claude Balard (General Sheppard), Chris Benard (Seth, Dr. Mobius), Philippe Bozo (Carter, Nod Soldier), Flaminio Corcos (Greg Burdette, Nod Soldier), Véronique Desmadryl (Female Reporter), Déborah Perret (Morelli, Voice of EVA), Philippe Peythieu (Science Show Host, GDI Soldier), Pierre Prévost (Kane), Stéphane Radoux (GDI Soldier, Nod Panicked Soldier)
Other Voices (France)Nicolas Gregoire, Eric Guimbaut, Laurence Lefevre
Art Director (France)Stéphane Radoux
Realization & Engineering (France)David Lapp
Synchronization of German VersionRolf D. Busch, Studio Fröhling
German VoicesBerit Juppenlatz, Uta Rotermund, Brigitte Strobel, Walter Gontermann, Hendrik Helge, Alexander Schottky, Martin Siebel, Rolf D. Busch

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