F-16 Combat Pilot Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (EGA).
Main menu.
Mission selection.
Setting waypoints on the the tactical map. It displays allied as well as enemy installations, from SAM sites to factories.
A man's playground: pre-flight weapon selection.
In-game info screens give details on the different rockets...
...as well as on your and enemy aircrafts.
Ready for take-off!
This suspension bridge marks the peak of detail in the EGA landscapes. Still, not bad for 1989.
Look, mountains!
Getting that close to enemy fighters for a dogfight is highly unusual...
...as normally all you'll see is the target rectangle on your HUD. At that point, long-range fire&forget rockets take care of the rest.
Approchaching ground installations.
Frontal ground attack on an enemy tank.
Target destroyed!
Left-hand cockpit view...
...and a peak through the rear window.
Another attack run on enemy constructions.
Back at the airport for manual landing.
Setup screen for multiplayer duels.