Grand Theft Auto Credits (DOS)

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Grand Theft Auto Credits


Team LeaderKeith R. Hamilton
Lead ProgrammerKeith R. Hamilton
Lead ArtistIan McQue
ProgrammingToby Atkin, Brian Baird, Alan Campbell, Ian Johnson, David Kivlin, Cameron Rattray, Iain Ross, James Watson
ArtworkCraig Moore, Donald Robertson, Stewart Waterson
Map Design and Mission ProgrammingStephen Banks (San Andreas), Paul Farley (Liberty City), Billy Thomson (Vice City)
WritersBrian Baglow, Brian Lawson
Music Written, Produced and Performed byColin Anderson, Craig Conner, Grant Middleton
Audio ProgrammingGrant Middleton, Raymond Usher
Sound EffectsColin Anderson, Craig Conner, Grant Middleton, Raymond Usher, Allan Walker
Additional MusiciansBrian Baglow, Robert De Negro, John Gurney, Eugene Henderson, Michael James, Drew Larg, Paul Mackie, Chris Marra, Gennine Peirce, Stephen Porter, Melissa Ripley, Ciaran Rooney, Stuart Ross, Brian Socha, Heather Sowards, Karen Taylor, Allan Walker, Julie Tracy Wemyss
Graphics EngineMichael Dailly, Aaron Puzey
Physics ProgrammingPatrick Kerr
Tools ProgrammingIain Macdonald, Robert Parsons, Andrew Patterson
Additional ArtworkDarren Baines, Jamie Bryan, Jeff Cairns, Kenneth Fee, Aaron Garbut, Martin Good, Andy Hay, Stacey Jamieson, Robert Jeffrey, Lenny Lane, Patrick McGovern, Liam O'Neill, Paul Reeves, Andrew Strachan
Quality AssuranceCraig Arbuthnott, Lee Bekier, Alan Dobson, Kevin Finnigan, Graeme Laws, William Mills, John Ree, Fiona Robertson, Gordon Ross, Michael Stirling, Sean Taylor
Additional DesignLesley Firth
BMG Chief WhipSam Houser
BMG Senior Technical ManagerGary J. Foreman
BMG Technical ManagerMark Crane
BMG Production Co‑ordinatorClaire Cuthill
BMG QA ManagerSteve Mann
BMG QA DepartmentPaul Cuthill, Jeremy Goldstein, Ronnie Jackson, Sean James, Ken Jordan, Darren Lloyd, Adam Rabin, Michael Wenn
Project BlokesBrian Lawson, Gary Penn
Capo Di Tutte CappaDavid Jones

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159771) and andyhat (2001)