Dragon Warrior III Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Color version

U. S. Title screen
Japanese Title screen
"I hear the baby's really lively too"
Our dream team in the castle.
Exploring the countryside.
Fight or Run?
Status window.

NES version

Title Screen
Title screen (Japanese version)
Nice logo ;)
You can choose your character's sex!
Actions menu
In a throne room
World map
In a dungeon
The green color means your character is low on HP

SNES version

Japanese Title screen
What a view!
And another beautiful view... you are waiting to hear about your great quest
Playing as a demon, somewhere deep under the town...
Town at night
You frighten the people
Sky is the limit
In your home town
Character information
Traditional location - throne room
World map
Random battle with beautiful scenery
Another beautiful scenery - forest
Battle in a desert
In a quiet secluded house
Dungeon with a big locked door
Fighting frogs and other guys in a dungeon
A purple dungeon. Can't unlock the door yet
Abandoned tower
Battle against four birds in a tower
In a cave