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A cheap thrill with no depth! Windows lado (28)
Hack-and-slash never looked that good Windows Paranoid Opressor (167)
Dull... very... dull Windows ShadowShrike (309)

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Enclaven uudelleenpelaamisarvo on merkittävä. Koko ajan juohevasti kulkeva tarina avaa lisähahmoja tasaiseen tahtiin, ja kun valon puolen seikkailu on lopulta tahkottu naama hymystä irvistäen läpi, voi koko homman aloittaa uudestaan pimeällä puolella ja heittäytyä mukaan jälleen kerran. Ansat, piilot ja mitä erilaisemmat piristykset pitävät pelihetken koko ajan intensiivisenä ja seikkailuun imeytyy todella mukaan. Enclave on monipuolinen, helposti omaksuttava peli, josta ei voi kuin nauttia. Moninpelin puuttuminen pelästyttää monet, mutta Enclave kannattaa kokea yksinkin. Se ei ole peli pieniin luppohetkiin, vaan vaatii paneutumista, mutta palkitsee sitäkin enemmän. Uskomaton peli länsinaapurista, joka ilmestyy myös PC:lle sitten joskus.
WindowsWorth Playing
In a time of ‘Lord of the Rings’ idolization, adventure games are in great demand; anything to give gamers a taste of sword fighting goblins and orcs. Many gaming companies have attempted to cater to these needs, but to no avail. Adventure games for the PC in the last year have been rather bland from the third person point of view. To add to the woes of the adventure hungry gamers, those adventure games that are published, attempt to follow in the footsteps of the once holy grail of adventure games, Tomb Raider. Well no more, Lara Croft make room for a new heavy weight contender, Enclave.
WindowsGame Chronicles
Enclave took the Xbox by storm last summer and now it's back, better than ever on the PC. There's nothing more refreshing than a game company that listens to the people who play their games and Starbreeze Studios has gone back and totally tweaked this game over the past several months to address nearly all the concerns that players had with the original release.
Even if graphics and sound are not enough to compensate the fact that Enclave is too short, that it doesn’t feature multiplayer, that AI is almost equal to zero and replayability is minimal, it still is a good game if we see it as it is: arcade. We’re looking forward to playing Enclave 2.
WindowsNext Level Gaming
I can't stress enough how solid a game this is. I, and for that matter everyone I have shown this game to has been very impressed. It's a great mixture of action and gameplay, combined with kick-ass graphics, and what I think is a very cool ongoing storyline, which by the way I forgot to mention is moved along by some nice FMV. Bottom line is, Enclave might be just the ticket for the action adventure type. It's a must if you enjoy games along the Max Payne line. But also a nice break from the monotony of driving, sports, and fighting games. I urge you all to give this game a good look. This one's a keeper! And a fantastic Xbox to PC port. Great job to Black Label Games, Starbreeze Entertainment, Conspiracy Entertainment, and Vivendi Universal.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Endlich mal wieder ein temporeiches Spiel, in dem ich nicht mit Sturmgewehr oder Panzerfaust wild um mich ballere. Neben viel Fantasy-Action lässt mir Enclave fast immer die Wahl, mit wem und was ich welche Aufgabe wie löse. Ob ich mit meiner Halblingskriegerin per Flammenschwert den Gegnern einheize oder als böse Hexe Giftwolken versprühe, ist meine Sache. Außerdem lohnt sich das Erkunden der Levels: Mal finde ich einen alternativen Weg über die Dächer einer Stadt, mal breche ich durch Holzwände und entdecke Juwelen – so macht das Heldenleben Spaß! Meine Laune trübt sich aber, wenn ich in den höheren Levels kurz vor dem Checkpoint draufgehe und den kompletten Abschnitt noch mal angehen muss. Warum nicht wenigstens ein Quicksave für die Strecke zwischen den »Wiedergeburtsstationen«? Dennoch hemmt das den Spielspaß von Enclave nicht im gleichen Ausmaß wie etwa bei Indiana Jones 6.
WindowsPC Gamer
Playing Enclave isn't quite as glorious as that, but it's addictive gameplay and a blissful lack of pre-release hype make it every bit as wonderful a surprise.
Enclave is the latest from developer Starbreeze Studios. It originally debuted on the Xbox last year, receiving mixed reviews. Most agreed that it was a nice game, but problems occurred with aiming using the controller, and the fact that there were no checkpoints in the levels. Thankfully, in the revamped PC version, these problems have been fixed, allowing for a lovely experience all around (for the most part, anyway).
WindowsPC Action
Mit der Druidin spielen? Nö. Aber selbst sie hat 'ne Daseinsberechtigung, der Hintern ist nämlich super! Technisch betrachtet, natürlich: Er zeigt die Detailverliebtheit der Entwickler, die physikalisch korrekt darstellen, dass ein derart knappes Unterteil grundsätzlich zwischen die Po-Backen rutscht. Äh, lassen wir das - was ich sagen will: Enclave bietet jedem was. Mein Favorit bei den Charakteren ist der Berserker der dunklen Seite. Spielerisch fand ich dagegen die helle Kampagne unterhaltsamer. Nicht jederzeit speichern zu können, entpuppt sich übrigens als nicht tragisch: Die bis zu zwei Checkpoints pro Level sind fair gesetzt. So kommt kaum Frust auf. Außer, Sie bleiben wegen eines Bugs in einer Wiedergeburtsstation stecken wie der viel zitierte spitze Nachbars-Lumpi manchmal in einer Hundedame - echt unangenehm!.
This game is a hardcore hack-and-slash fan's dream, yet it falls short with lack of multiplayer and a few frustrating camera issues. If you consider yourself a hardcore gamer, then you deserve to test your skills with Enclave. If you are not too sure if you're up to the challenge, then give it a rent. But be warned: THIS GAME IS HARD, and at times YOU WILL get frustrated. Hang in there, though, the end result is well worth the journey.
Obviously, the developers of Enclave put plenty of work into it to make it the best possible Xbox title they could. Somewhere along the way, some of the nagging drawbacks of the console interface got in the way of the game's path to success. But, that's no reason for us PC gamers not to enjoy the fruits of their hard labor now that the game has received a much-needed overhaul. Enclave doesn't advance the genre in any way, nor does it come without its faults. Still, the PC version is very playable, has a good story line and will give you plenty of bang for your buck. It is because of this that we give Enclave two thumbs up and recommend it to anyone who's in mood for some thrilling 3rd person medieval combat.
Enclave ist zwar kein neuer Action/RPG-Meilenstein, bereitet aber eine Menge Spielspaß, wozu die hervorragende Grafik und die erstklassige Musik maßgeblich beitragen. Auch die Tatsache, dass ich nicht auf Gedeih und Verderb wie bei Diablo Co. auf einen Charakter festgelegt bin, sondern beliebig wechseln darf, erhöht den Spielwert. Das einfach gestrickte Gameplay erlaubt es, mal eben für ein paar Ründchen Monsterdresche einzusteigen, ohne gleich für Wochen von einer komplexen Fantasy-Welt komplett verschlungen zu werden. Anspruchsvolle Rollenspieler werden hingegen die Ausbaumöglichkeiten ihres individuellen Helden vermissen.
Ce jeu ne conviendra qu'aux plus patients, à ceux qui comme moi font passer l'atmosphère avant le gameplay. Il faut bien dire qu'une fois surmonté ce frein qu'est la difficulté, la récompense est énorme, tant les contrées que l'on visite sont belles et esthétiquement parfaites.
WindowsFrictionless Insight
Enclave is an engrossing title that successfully offers a simple interface for melee combat with actual tactical depth, intriguing levels and two parallel stories. It would be an even better game with the ability to save your progress at any point. As it stands, Enclave offers a lot of play for a $40 dollar price tag.
WindowsAbsolute Games (AG.ru)
Enclave — праздник для любителей яркого и бесшабашного экшена от третьего лица. Игра вполне может заставить их позабыть на два-три дня о бытовых проблемах и погрузиться в мир волшебных приключений. "Родители" же, правильно оценивая потенциал своего детища, предусмотрительно оставили финал открытым.
XboxDaily Game
Regardless, Enclave is most definitely worth the purchase. Xbox launched with the promise of bringing new levels of detail to video games, and Enclave delivers on that in multiple ways. It’s not without its flaws (occasional clipping and average soundtrack), and it certainly has its omissions (multiplayer), but taken for what it does offer (graphics, story, immersion), Enclave is an amazing piece of software.
Enclave ist ein nettes Spiel für zwischendurch, ohne großen Anspruch gibt es kompromisslose Action. Mir hat es viel Spaß gemacht, auch wenn es eher etwas für den hohlen Zahn war. Etwas mehr Inhalt wäre wünschenswert gewesen. Trotzdem hält die Faszination immer noch an, momentan versuche ich mich am härtesten Schwierigkeitsgrad und in der guten Kampagne fehlen mir noch einige Goldstücke, die ich mir unbedingt aneignen möchte. Außerdem ist bereits der Nachfolger angekündigt, dessen Story jeder, der Enclave gemeistert hat, bereits erahnen kann.
Il y a de cela des siècles, un affrontement sans merci opposa les forces de la Lumière aux forces des Ténèbres. Le Mal progressait à vive allure et au moment où les forces du Bien allaient être submergées, un puissant sorcier usa de son puissant bâton et fendit la terre en deux, séparant le pays de Celenheim du reste du monde par une faille sans fond et infranchissable qui l’engloutit lui ainsi le seigneur démon Vatar. Depuis lors, Celenheim, aussi appelé l’Enclave, prospère sous un climat bienfaisant entretenu par magie. De l’autre côté de la faille s’étendent des terres désolées peuplées de monstres et d’humanoïdes revanchards.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Die Fantasy-Welt von Enclave ist seit Jahrhunderten durch eine riesige Erdspalte in zwei Hälften geteilt. Auf der einen Seite, genannt die Enclave, leben die Rechtschaffenen in Wohlstand und Reichtum. Auf der anderen Seite, den Outlands, sammeln sich die Heerscharen der Finsternis ... und warten. Denn die Trennung der Welt in zwei Teile ist keine Laune der Natur - es war die Verzweifelungstat des Magiers Zale, der während der entscheidenden Schlacht zwischen Gut und Böse die Erde kurzerhand in zwei Hälften teilte, da der Sieg der dunklen Heerscharen kurz bevor stand.
Overall, Enclave is definitely a fun game to play, although it does seem to lack refinement in certain areas. These are mainly due to a few gameplay issues discussed earlier, as well as well as the repetitive nature of the music and animations. A lack of multiplayer availability will also cramp the games replay value. Enclave does however have many positive aspects that will make it a fun and interesting game to follow through with many hours of varied gaming available.
XboxGame Chronicles
Enclave fills an obvious gap in the medieval hack-n-slash genre, and it certainly blows the castle doors off of other similar 3D action games such as Blood Omen 2 and Star Wars: Obi Wan. The graphics are stunning and vary substantially between the many levels creating a wonderfully immersive world. The sound effects are unparalleled in both realism and quality and the surround sound effects will put your sound system to the test. Gameplay can become repetitive after a half-dozen levels and the quirky AI of both enemies and NPC’s can get frustrating. There’s a lot of give and take in Enclave, and if you can give in to the flaws you can take away a very challenging and rewarding gameplay experience.
XboxGaming Target
Overall a good, if buggy and frustratingly difficult, game, Enclave is a must-have for anyone with a lot of patience and drive seeking a serious challenge. However, if you’re not 100% hyped about the gameplay and story, and don’t want to have to play through the same areas over and over to be killed continuously by things you couldn’t possibly have predicted, look elsewhere for your hack n’ slash flick, because this game will get you frustrated to the point of throwing your copy of the game out the window - while it’s still in your Xbox, and that’s just a waste of a whole load of money.
Das langerwartete Actionspiel Enclave für die XBox ist da. Nun heißt es eine Fantasy Welt von der guten und der bösen Seite zu durchqueren. Ob das Fantasy-Epos mehr bietet als nur die schöne Grafik, die schon im Vorfeld begeistern konnte, zeigt euch das folgende Review.
WindowsPC Zone Benelux
Het ontbreken van een 'save' optie is een heet hangijzer gebleken. Wellicht is dat eerder een concessie van de makers dan een weloverwogen beslissing, maar wij juichen het alleen maar toe. Wat zullen we nou krijgen, saven. Je moet lijden potverdomme. Hakken, beuken en sterven. Opnieuw hakken, opnieuw beuken en opnieuw sterven. En weer opnieuw, tot je erbij neervalt. Je hebt jezelf en je healing en daar moet je het mee doen. En dit is meteen Enclave in een notendop. Een zeer sfeervolle game waarin de nodige klappen moeten worden uitgedeeld.
XboxThe Next Level
In closing, Enclave is more than a game. It's hard work and if you expect anything less than that, then seek your pleasure elsewhere. You'll need to meander through levels multiple (that's a lot) times and expect to disappointed, frustrated, and discouraged more than once. But, young adventurer, travel on. This experience is well worth the effort in my book. Well worth it.
XboxGame Vortex
Don't get me wrong, Enclave is definitely a good game, but part of me can't help but wonder if the game looks better than it is merely because of its timing. It is no secret that the Xbox is in something of a drought of good titles right now - making a passable game like Enclave look like bottle of water in the desert. Enclave is a definite 'rent first' title.
Autre motif de satisfaction, la qualité visuelle, considérée déjà comme un atout sur Xbox, atteint cette fois des sommets en affichant une résolution largement supérieure, dépourvue de bugs et riche en effets d'ombre et de lumière. En revanche, le système de sauvegardes est toujours aussi frustrant puisque les points de contrôle sont rarissimes et que la fonction Quick Save est inexistante, même sur PC. En contrepartie, le soft comporte tout de même trois niveaux de difficulté qui influent justement sur la fréquence des points de contrôle. La sortie d'Enclave sur PC est donc à prendre comme une bonne nouvelle, et l'on est curieux de voir ce que le soft peut donner sur GameCube et PS2 si jamais il daigne sortir sur ces deux supports.
Wäre da nicht das extrem nervige Speichersystem und ein paar weitere Ungereimtheiten, so hätte uns Swing! mit Enclave ein absolutes Schmankerl spendiert. So aber wird die mühsam aufgebaute Spannung immer wieder durch unnötige Neustarts getrübt. Dennoch sorgen die gute Grafik, die unterschiedlichen Charaktere und die beiden spielbaren Kampagnen für eine recht gute Wertung. Schlussendlich ist Enclave aber dennoch ein Action-Adventure, dem eingefleischte Fans ruhig einen zweiten Blick schenken sollten.
WindowsGame Over Online
The most impressive thing about Enclave, the thing that strikes you as soon as you start playing, is the graphics. Sharp, artistic, and creative; they look just great. There’s smoke, steam, fog, fire, and water, and it is all very nearly photo-realistic. And at the same time the environments, buildings, caves, lava, and underwater are similar to those found in some sort of gothic comic book. There is a sort of fiery underworld that would make Dante cry out in rapturous joy, an undersea world right out of Nemo, and a gothic city that would be well at home with Poe. I’m not sure how high-end a system you need to experience all that, but mine handled it without a single hiccup. The game could really be used as a demo of what modern graphics can be.
For those who enjoy a challenge, intermixed with a variety of gameplay elements should find the game highly rewarding after completion (about 10 hours). In fact, after beating the game I felt better than usual and really felt that I achieved something... kind of like when you found that first warp zone in Super Mario Bros. The challenge, will in fact, draw hard core gamers and make this an underground success. Unfortunately, as with all game platforms it's not the devoted who make or break a company. It is, however, the zombie-like drones that see fancy eye candy and read poorly written reviews and gravitate like sheep to the slaughter to their nearest retailer, who actually makes the publishers money.
This game is a mixed bag. While the game features stunning graphics, clear and realistic sound, and RPG elements to heighten the games longevity, there are some major set backs with the control, the A.I., the battling, and others areas that tend to be my pet peeves. I seem to say this about all of the games that I review, but this is a rental first. The fighting system and A.I. really irritate me, so it is difficult to say to go out and buy it. It is, however, visually stunning and will greatly impress you during its first missions. Rent it first and if you can get past the bland fighting and the terrible A.I., give this game a go.
Finally, gamers who may be looking for a deep adventure should consider Enclave. While there are a few graphical elements in the game that could've used a little more studio time, there are just as many gameplay elements that enhance the game. If it's another mythic world your after, Enclave should not be overlooked.
To sum up, Enclave has its flaws but these shouldn’t detract from an enjoyable atmospheric action adventure, with a rich storyline that is simple to pick up and play. Difficult in parts and some may want to rent first. Either rental or purchase, it's definitely worth a look at.
XboxEurogamer.net (UK)
It's a shame that Starbreeze made the errors it did with Enclave, because the game is so very close to offering just the right balance. If you enjoy the odd fantasy adventure now and then, you should definitely give this a look. It's one of those games which will happily fill a morning or an afternoon, and the beautiful, seamless world set before you is enough to capture your attention for hours, even if you do end up playing the same sections repeatedly.
XboxArmchair Empire, The
There’s something to be said for a game like Enclave that goes for the visceral experience – lots of good-looking graphics and hack ‘n slash action. But the camera trips it up, not so much that it falls on its face – more of a stumble. It’s like popcorn with extra butter and just the right amount of salt but with a surprise used band-aid somewhere near the top puffs just out of sight. You may enjoy the rest of the popcorn but you’re always thinking about that band-aid, tinting your enjoyment. Then there's the lack of in-game saves, extreme linearity, and extreme difficulty in some areas -- okay, so there are a few band-aids.
XboxPGNx Media
Enclave is a game worth and rent, but most likely will not be bought unless you are in dire need of a serious hack and slash game for the XBOX. One serious down factor is the excluded ability to save during the game. All in all, Enclave will most definitely be worth a rent and since you can play the Dark side, it should give you a little of motivation.
XboxGameCell UK
Challenging enough to get very frustrating later in the game, but if you stick with it it'll last you for weeks, it's a good solid adventure that'll bridge the gap until you get to play with Lara again in Angel of Darkness, Enclave is a worthy purchase.
Alongside other XBox title Enclave stands out for it's visual appeal and nice amount of replayability. It falls short on a few levels making it a good purchase for fans of this style of game. My suggestion is to rent it first and see if you enjoy what it has to offer. The amount of times you can go through the game is plentiful so there are no worries of finishing it anytime soon. The addition of two campaigns and upgrading your warriors makes Enclave a decent title on the shelf of XBox games. Another solid title for my green wonder console!
WindowsPC Gameplay (Benelux)
Het geheel ziet er gelikt uit en het geluid is dik in orde, maar de vele mankementen in de gameplay halen de hele spelervaring onderuit. De goede eerste indrukken verdwijnen tijdens het spelen dan ook als sneeuw voor de zon. Mooie graphics alleen zijn geen garantie voor een goed spel. Dat wisten we al jaren, maar Enclave verfrist on geheugen nog eens...
Many gamers and XBox owners out there, like myself, were waiting patiently for Enclave to hit the shelves. After all is said and done, I have to say that regardless of the great graphics, easy controls, and selection of characters ... this game turned out to be way too frustrating for me overall.
Enclave is a terrific-looking game that is best suited to weathered gamers who won't mind dealing with the extreme difficulty and a number of other problems.
High-fantasy fiction has been inspiring developers to create colorful fantasy games for years. Starbreeze's game Enclave was clearly influenced by fantasy fiction archetypes, and though it was originally released on Microsoft's Xbox last year, it still looks quite good, thanks to its detailed textures and occasionally inspired levels. Unfortunately, Enclave has a number of gameplay problems that its good graphics and sound can't hide.
When Enclave was released on the Xbox last year, it immediately got plenty of "oohs" and "aahs" for the sheer beauty of its graphical environments. Enclave let players run around plenty of well-designed fantasy-themed levels, including a haunted house, a dense forest, an other-dimensional fortress, and a trading town that straddled a bottomless gorge. Unfortunately, the game also suffered from a problematic control scheme and an absurd level of difficulty. The good news is that the PC version of Enclave manages to avoid the common annoyances that plague console-to-PC ports, and even improves on the console version in some areas. The bad news is that, even with the improvements, the game is still just "OK."
XboxEntertainment Depot, The
An adventure wrought with frustration and faults, yet remains fairly entertaining throughout the journey through both the light and dark campaigns. Enclave is definitely worth trying, but the technical and aesthetic problems may be too much for some gamers. However, with titles in this setting and style being a rarity for consoles, there might be enough positives to overlook the problems. While I did enjoy using the characters and weapons, Enclave definitely has problems that need to be ironed out; hopefully a sequel is in the works with the correct implementations on the drawing board.
Scénario sympathique, réalisation soignée voilà un bon début. Le gameplay est certes bourin mais le plus gros problème n'est pas là. Enclave aurait pu mérité un 14, peut-être un 15 en poussant bien, mais avec sa maniabilité super relou et son manque cruel de fluidité dans l'animation, le titre ne passera pas la barre du 13 vers laquelle mes petits doigts se sentent irrésistiblement attirés. Que les fans ultimes du Beat'em All bien boeuf rajoutent d'eux-même un ou deux points.
XboxAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Enclave has so much promise that it’s a shame it’s crippled by one key design flaw. While the occassional checkpoint exists just before the battles with big boss characters, they are so rare that you may very well never see one. With its deadly traps, pits, jumps and special events, Enclave is an experience that keeps you on your toes.This would have been great – and with rock-solid controls, lush graphics and amazing sound, “great” might have been an understatement. With no mid-level checkpoints at all, however, death is an extremely final, maddening and all too common event. If you’re up for a challenge, Enclave will reward you richly and you’ll be privy to fantastic boss creatures, amazing AI and intense combat. For the average gamer, those later levels will go unexplored out of sheer, knuckle-whitening and controller-tossing frustration.
WindowsJoystick (French)
Un petit jeu pas désagréable, mais qui déçoit vite par un gameplay brouillon. A réserver aux fans purs et durs du genre, les autres risquent de se sentir floués. A noter que le doublage est pourri.
XboxGame Over Online
Graphics and sound are not the only things that are needed to create a compelling piece of entertainment. Enclave's heart appears to be in a role playing title but what results in the end is a lot of mindless combat that it's not prepared to handle, with its anemic camera and deficient AI. The lack of multiplayer also makes it difficult to overlook these deficits. If it had convinced itself it was only going to be a Gauntlet-style title, it should have taken the Hunter: The Reckoning route and fixated its camera. That would've been, ironically, its saving grace. Unfortunately, an identity crisis makes Enclave a less enjoyable game than it could have been. Schizoid in its execution, this is a title that puts its best skills to work in the wrong areas; like incorrectly choosing a character class to pass a certain level in Enclave.
XboxGamePro (US)
Gather round and listen to the tale of a very good game that was all but ruined by one Bad Thing. All it takes is the presence of one Bad Thing to suck a potentially very enjoyable game into a frustrating pocket of anti-fun. The Bad Thing that thwarts the otherwise very fine Enclave comes in the form of a high frustration factor, embodied mostly by "Surprise! Pit of instant killer spikes!" and "Whoa, bet ya didn't expect that wall to fall on your head!" cheap instant deaths. This wouldn't be a problem if some sort of mid-game save or checkpoint system were implemented; but no, every time you die, you're sent straight back to the beginning of the lengthy, difficult mission to start from scratch.
Visuellement conçu pour être un RPG, Enclave sent le gros gâchis. Un aspect technique quasi irréprochable et des décors d'une richesse inédite sur Xbox caractérisent ce jeu assez spécial. Mais le gameplay basique, bourrin mais pas vraiment au point, ainsi qu'une difficulté extrêmement mal dosée, empêchent le soft de faire partie des incontournables de la console.
XboxGame Revolution
Enclave isn't a terrible game by any stretch. There's a good deal on the surface to enjoy. The metal bird, the beautiful graphics, the atmosphere...even the title 'Enclave' whispers the promise of medieval fun. Unfortunately, the promise is sadly broken. When you get past the surface, the random mash of melee and the forced repetition of the levels chillingly weaken Enclave from the inside out.
XboxDigital Press - Classic Video Games
Interestingly enough, a PS2 version is in the works, and I'll no doubt be grabbing a copy of that to see if Starbreeze has fixed and refined the controls. It'll also be fun to see how it stacks up visually to the Xbox version (hopefully they did something about that water!). On one hand, it's hard to recommend purchasing Enclave outright, but it's a more than perfect rental just to see if you'll be able to get used to the game's problems. But if you're one of those jocular, he-manly man types that'll bite the bullet and play anything that looks good, boogie on down to your favorite game emporium and whip out that wallet- you've got a town to save...
XboxGame Critics
I really wanted to like Enclave. Im a big fan of hack-and-slash games, and the promise of lots of hack-and-slash gameplay coupled with the games beautiful graphics had me salivating in anticipation. Unfortunately, Enclave proves the old maxim that beauty is only skin deep—because once the player gets past the rich graphics, theyll find a deeply flawed game with a difficulty level that can best be described as masochistic. Games are supposed to be fun—and Enclave isnt.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW)
Enclave is precisely the sort of game fated barely to register in the consciousness of gamers before being entirely forgotten— unless you’re one of the unfortunate few who actually played the heaping pile of awful that is this Xbox port. For those sorry sad-sacks, nothing short of death is likely to scrub the excruciating memory of this exercise in tedium and bone-headed design from their minds. I wish I could offer some sort of succor to you. but I'm all too aware of how futile an endeavor that is. You see, I too have played through Enclave, and life shall never seem sweet again.