Tomb Raider Credits


ProducerLuke Valentine
Executive ProducerEd Bainbridge
Product ManagerRic Williams
PR ManagerSteve Starvis
Group Localisation ManagerFlavia Timiani-Dean
Localisation ManagerAlex Bush
Creative ServicesAndrew Cockell, Philippa Pratley
QA ManagerChris Rowley
Assistant QA ManagerGhulam Khan
Lead TesterJames Spafford
QA TechniciansRichard Startup, Ian Harrison, Chris Bewick, James McMichen, Jacob Wrightman, Paul Edward Cooper, Laurie May
Localisation QA SupervisorMarco Vernetti
Localisation QA TechniciansMonica Dalla Valle (Italian), Jacques Galon (French), Pedro Geppert (German), Daniel Castro (Spanish)
Mastering & Compatibility CoordinatorJason Walker
Mastering TechnicianPhil Spencer
Special ThanksSimon Protheroe, Mark Stanger, Paul Sheppard, Lee Briggs, Louise Fisher, Babel Media Ltd., Bowne Global Ltd., David Rose, Robert K. Dyer, John Spinale, Tom Marx


Lead ProgrammerPaul Douglas
Lead Graphic ArtistToby Gard
ProgrammersJason Gosling, Gavin Rummery
Graphic ArtistsHeather Gibson, Neal Boyd
Additional ProgrammingDerek Leigh-Gilchrist, Andrew Howe, Mansoor Nusrat
Additional ArtworkLee Pullen, Peter Barnard, Stuart Atkinson, David Pate
MusicNathan McCree
Sound effectsMartin Iveson
ScriptVicky Arnold
Original ConceptToby Gard
Executive ProducerJeremy Heath-Smith


Project ManagerAndy Perkins
Lead DeveloperTom Beaumont
Rendering WizardryBrian Pearson
User Interface TechnologyTom Lynn
Lead Game TechnologistDave Poston
R'N'D TechnologistWill Osborn
User ExperienceAaron Dover
CEOAdrian Sack
Finance and Business DevelopmentFrazer Wilson
Marketing DirectorThor Gunnarsson
Airplay Chief ArchitectRobert Bjanason
Airplay Development TeamSrikanth Bandi, Andy Curran, Gary Phillips, Matthew Selby, Martin Wood, Matthew Flowers
Special ThanksAmanda O'Hanlon

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Credits for this game were contributed by Xoleras (66829)