Colony Wars: Vengeance Credits (PlayStation)

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Colony Wars: Vengeance Credits


Original Game Concept and StorylineMike Ellis
Lead DesignerMike Ellis
DesignersChris Graham, Steve Balmer, Andrew Santos
Lead ProgrammerMike Anthony
ProgrammingMike Anthony, David Berrisford, Gavin Dodd, Chris Roberts
Art DirectorDave Crook
In‑game End ArtistsGary Burley, John Dwyer, Han Randhawa
Production DesignDave Crook, Han Randhawa, Jim Bowers
CG MoviesJim Bowers, Christian Lavoie, Dan Levy, John Dwyer
Datasets Provided byViewpoint DataLabs International Inc.
Additional CG ScenesThe Aldis Animation Company
Aldis Creative DirectorKim Aldis
Aldis ProducerLouise Hussey
Aldis AnimatorsThierry Baret, Gillian Best, Philip Dobree, Tim Gibson, Bernadette Hayes, Will Rockall, Max Solomon
Aldis PAGeorge Alexander
CG Post-Production and EditingSteve Gilbert
Video Production ManagerEmma Quinn
CG Sound Post‑ProductionCreative Post Ltd.
Engineered byPaul Harrison
Produced byJim Bowers
Original Musical ScoreStephen Murphy
CG MusicAnton Dvořák (Largo from Symphony no.9 in E Minor 'From the New World'), Anton Dvořák (Largo from Symphony no.9 in E Minor 'From the New World'), Ludwig van Beethoven (Marcia Funebre from Symphony no.3 in Eb 'Eroica'), Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (Hebrides from the Fingal Cave Overture), Anton Dvořák (The Water Goblin), Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (Capriccio Espagnol), Ian Hughes (Elite Force)
Sound Effects and Speech Post-ProductionPC Music
Central Product Development ManagerDawn Paine
Project ManagerDavid Riley
Packaging and Manual DesignDarren Richards, Peter Dyke
Script Writer and Manual EditorDamon Fairclough
In‑Mission Speech ScriptingLol Scragg, Mike Ellis
All Speech Recorded atThe Sound Company
Speech Engineered byDavid Peacock
Speech Produced byLol Scragg
Voice Actors (English)Quint Boa (Mertens), Melanie Hudson (Navy Operations/Other Voices and Wingmen), Toni Barry (Navy Briefing/Other Voices and Wingmen), Michael Roberts (Drake/Kron/Widowmaker/Other Voices and Wingmen), Karen Archer (Flight Computer/Becks/Other Voices and Wingmen), Eric Meyers (Klein/Alien Ace/Other Voices and Wingmen)
French, Italian and Spanish LocalisationSDL Ltd.
Casting DirectorSusannah Moore
Italian VoicesPatricia Perroco, Massimo Marinoni, Stéphane Cornicard, Bernedetta Ferrero, Francesca De Fonzo, Siro Carraro, Andrea Piovan
French VoicesChristine Hasne, Emmanuel Bonami, Ferran Audi, Framboise Gommendy, Marianne Borgo, Philippe Smolikowski, Stéphane Cornicard
Spanish VoicesMari Luz Rodrigo, Ferran Audi, Philippe Smolikowski, Blanca Garcia, Pilar Orti, Miguel Peneranda, Pedro Hernando
Project Manager at SDLPhil Harris
German Localisation ManagerRoger Schoenberg
German TranslationGabi Lehmann (GLT)
German Voices Recorded atStudio Besser
Sound EngineerMax Warkenstein (Dr.)
Studio Besser OrganizerHeike Wielk
German VoicesElke Schützhold, Michael Lucke, And many others
Special ThanksSven Meyer, Klaus Albrecht
QA Alpha Group LeaderPaul Tweedle
QA Alpha TestingColin Berry
QA Beta Group LeaderMark Inman
QA Beta TestingGareth Spencer, Paul French, Mark Slade, Lee O'Connor
Internal Submission Group LeaderStuart Allen
Internal Submission TestingJason Platt, Kevin Reilly, Jonny Whelan, Neil Clarke
Guideline AuditingJenny Newby, Jo Murphy
QA ManagerPeter Samuels

Psygnosis Ltd. Management

MD of DevelopmentAdrian Parr
Studio ManagerMorgan O'Rahilly
Studio Head ProducerJohn Rostron
Studio Programming ManagerMartin Linklater
Studio Art DirectorLee Carus-Wescott
Studio Design ManagerNick Burcombe

Marketing Staff

Product Development ManagerDawn Paine
Central PRAlison Fennah
UK Product ManagerKevin McSherry
France Product ManagerErik Marie Bion
US Product ManagerRobin Kausch
Germany Product ManagerMichael Buss
International Product ManagerJane Hickey
UK PR ManagersGary Nichols, Glen O'Connell
US PR ManagerTracy Egan
France PR ManagerBenoite Lavie
Germany PR ManagerMichael Paul
International PR ManagerJohn Walsh


Technical SupportPete Edwards, Lee Rawcliffe, Stephen Henstead
Original Planetary Photographs Courtesy ofNASA and the National Space Science Data Center
Special ThanksDominic Giles, Jeremy Ramsey, Michael Johnson, Philip Morris, Jennifer Rees, Steve Davies, Ben John, Mike Clarke, Lee Carus-Wescott
Associate ProducerTrevor Jones
ProducerLol Scragg

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (505899)