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Amiga version

Main Title
Seems that Rick found the lost tribe of Goolu, but now he must save his skin.
The game barely started and you found yourself tightly chased by a boulder.
Although ammo is rather limited, sometimes it's a necessary use.
Even if you cleared the room, once you get back, the enemies will be there again. Your bullets won't, though.
Hey, where did the Goolu tribe got these ammo crates, I wonder.
This is so called bat strategy.
When wall's blocking the way, bullets won't help.
Blowing up very sharp stone shards.
Watch out for traps, they're everywhere!
Rick heads for the Pyramids at the request of London.
Oh no, he's climbing down the ladder.
Placed some explosives.
Damn, this is a trap!
No need to waste ammo here, that mummy is doing the dirty work.
The floor is covered with deadly spikes. What now?
Activating a switch.
Rick has arrived at Schwarzendumpf Castle.
Getting attacked by a dog at the entrance.
Incoming bullet...
I'm going to spare these the two soldiers.
Every rescued prisoner is worth 500 points.

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
The story of level 1
Run, Indy...I mean Rick!
Farther in the temple, I can grab a treasure.
Watch out for the spears that fly from the walls.
Watch the spikes. There's another treasure below.
Amstrad 6128Plus, Title screen.
Amstrad 6128Plus, menu.
Amstrad 6128Plus, level 1.
Amstrad 6128Plus, level 2.
Amstrad 6128Plus, level 3.
Amstrad 6128Plus, level 4.

Atari ST version

Level 3
Level 4
Title screen.
Rick Dangerous crashes his plane in South America.
Chased by a big boulder - have you ever seen Raiders of the Lost Ark?
Kill the natives and grab the treasures for more points.
Use your dynamite to blow up rocks.
Watch out for traps.
Replenish your ammo with bonus crates.
Made it to hall of fame.
Hall of fame.
Level 2 intro.
Level 2 - Egypt.
Level 2 - Exploring.
Level 2 - Watch out for the Egyptian.
Level 2 - Egyptians.
Level 2 - Fanatics guard this place.
Level 2 - A gem!

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Level 1 intro
Level 1 begins
Quickly run away from the boulder Indy style
Then it squashes the Aztec
Collect the idol
Dodge the arrows spat by statue
This is where it gets tricky
Collect the box to reload your gun
Made it to the Hall of Fame.
Hall of fame.
Level 2 intro.
Level 2 - Egypt.
Level 2 - Avoid the traps and enemies.
Level 2 - Fanatics guard the pyramid.
Level 2 - Climbing up footholds.
Level 2 - Avoid the closing ceiling.
Level 2 - Exploring.
Level 2 - How will Rick get past this pit? aka You'll be killed no less than 3 times here, and you're likely to laugh once
Level 3 - Enemy Castle
Level 3 - Start
Level 3 - Exploring.
Level 3 - Watch out for enemy guards.
Level 3 - Looking around.
Level 3 - Rescue the POWS
Level 4 - Intro
Level 4 - Enemy rocket base.
Level 4 - Climing up a ladder.
Level 4 - Shot a guard.
Level 4 - Avoid the missiles being fired at you.
Level 4 - A crate with supplies.

DOS version

Title screen
Highscore table
Rick lands in the middle of wild goolus
A boulder rolls after Rick - sounds familiar huh?
Collecting masks may not be as easy as it seems
Guess what this bat is for
Sometimes you have to blast walls to clear your way
Traps everywhere
Rick heads for the pyramids to recover the jewel of ankhel
Egyptians walk like Egyptians!
You won't need your weapons here. You are warned!
Mummies actually kill Egyptians too.
Jewel of Ankhel has secret powers
Choosing the right path and using precise timing is essential to get past some sections like this one.
Rick's next mission: Freeing POW at Schwarzendumpf Castle
Bad guy with MG lurking behind a wall
Less traps, but more enemies in the wine cellar
Guard staring at a sizzling stick of dynamite *snigger*
Found some prisoners! Bullets don't hit them, but the guy at the right won't be that lucky
Being chased by enemy forces. Fortunately they won't follow into the next screen
Rick on his way to the last level: The secret missile base!
Right at the entrance this poor bloke gets killed by friendly fire
Ouch! Unexpected blast of fire coming out of the wall
Enemy soldier climbing down for some trouble
Trying to set off the baby rocket... don't burn your fingers on these!
The famous boulder scene (CGA)
Bat attack! *shriek* (CGA)
A bunch of crazed Goolus approaching (Tandy).
Ouch! That was my last life! (Tandy)

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
Title Screen
The first level briefing
Even at the very beginning your in great danger as your chased by a boulder
The boulder falls on the unsuspecting amazons head
Carefully time your jump
Popping a cap in his amazon ass
Rick doesn't get on well with spiky rocks
An ammo crate with either bullets or dynamite in it
These head statues on the wall spit arrows at you
The path ahead is blocked
Use a trusty stick of dynamite to clear the obstruction
You need to avoid the block and then jump on it when it comes back
The second mission briefing
The enemies here look a bit like dogs
Quickly crawl under here as the blocks slowly fall to the floor
These Egyptian heads need collecting
No Egyptian level would be complete without a sarcophagus
Carefully ride the block over the spikes
The third mission briefing
Weird dog/monkey enemies
Rescue these captured soldiers
Level 4 Briefing
Inside the secret missile silo
Crawl through the tunnel and dodge the electricity at the same time