Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (SEGA CD)

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Credits

Power Rangers CD Game Team

Game System ProgrammingChuck Batson, Orion Technologies Inc.
Game DesignTony Van
Cinepak ModificationsKathy Bayless
Digital Video CompressionKaty Weathers
Video EditorScott Reynolds, Yeah Studios
ArtRolf Weber, Jenny Martin
Sound EffectsRolf Weber
ProducerTony Van
Assistant ProducersVincent Nason, Greg Becksted
Product ManagerPeter Loeb
Associate Product ManagerJohn Garner
ManualCarol Ann Hanshaw

Saban Entertainment, Inc.

Executive ProducersFrank Ward, Shin Ueno
President of Childrens GroupPeter Dang
Vice President of DevelopmentJoel Andryc

Bandai America, Inc.

Bandai America, Inc.Frank Ward, Shin Ueno

Special Thanks

Special ThanksPacific Video Resources, Muther's Recording Studio, Michael Latham, Jef Feltman, Larry Loth, Patricia Torrello, Clint Dyer, Nemer Velasquez, Jonathan Stark

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