Eternal Champions

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From various time periods of past, present and future, nine fighters killed in an unjust manner find themselves given a second chance for life. An alien being, known only as the Eternal Champion, brings back the fighters into a competition for one reason: to find one among them worthy of being resurrected, giving them a chance to avert their death and tip the balance between good and evil.

The fighters range from different eras of Earth's History: Larcen, the cat burglar. Jetta, the circus acrobat. Blade, the futuristic bounty hunter. Midknight, the vampiric bio-chemist. Rax, the cyborg. Shadow, the corporate assassin. Slash, the neanderthal. Trident, a Atlantean warrior. And Xavier, a warlock and alchemist.

The game is a 2D one on one fighting title. Each character supports a large number of special moves and individual fighting styles. At the end of a match players have the option to unleash an "Overkill" on a defeated opponent, brutally killing the loser in a graphic manner, or the option to use the background itself for a stage kill.


  • エターナルチャンピオンズ - Japanese spelling

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  • Sega Interactive Development Division
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Average score: 78% (based on 28 ratings)


Average score: 3.8 out of 5 (based on 30 ratings with 1 reviews)

Whoa! This game is hard!

The Good
I think the story for this game is unique and original. It is interesting and the characters are pretty cool. The levels are really nicely designed and the graphics look good. I don't recall the music so I imagine it wasn't too bad or that good, otherwise I would have remembered it. I love the fact that the game is for a 6-button controller for the simple fact that it makes the combo's more interesting. The combo's are actually pretty cool and they can go on for a good amount of time. I was killed once in only 2 combo's.

The Bad
I felt that the button response in this game was a little slow. Which usually doesn't happen in fighting games. For me that made the game insanely hard to beat. I couldn't believe how hard the first level was. Maybe this game wasn't meant for me, I love a good fighting game.

The Bottom Line
Pretty cool game with a challenge. Perfect for a Fighting game buff who is sick of dominating. This one should definitely keep you busy for a while.

Genesis · by DudeOfMonson (97) · 2007


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Thought On This Game's Future. Guy Chapman (1746) Jul 6th, 2007



The cover art was painted by Julie Bell and is entitled Invincible Team.


In 1995, Puffin Books published two combat-based gamebook adaptations of this video game, The Cyber Warriors and Citadel of Chaos, both written by Jamie Thompson.

Sticker Album

In 1993, Italian firm Panini (most famous for its football collectible stickers) published a SEGA official Eternal Champions sticker album.

As of 2008, onecan find online articles from France and Spain that sell it in blank for around 20€, and complete (or almost) for 40-60€.

Information also contributed by irelandgamer94 and Pseudo_Intellectual.

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