Final Fantasy III Screenshots (SNES)

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SNES version

Japanese title screen
Edgar is wandering through a greenish maze
A regular battle with a nice background
The story
A real 3D intro!
In Narshe
Fighting in robotic suits
The first dungeon in the game: Narshe mines
Frying the first boss of the game
Locke and Terra meet
A ray of light leads way up
View from above
Those baddies try to silence my guys!
Navigating three parties
Main menu
All the heroes together
Strago and the Save Point
Some typical Final Fantasy high-level monsters
World of Ruins, near the airship
Title screen
In a quiet city
On the airship
Chocobo stable
Battle aginst strange green things
In a house
Relm is casting Ultima, the most powerful spell of the game
I like this airship. Kupo! :)
Dialogue (japanese version)
Menu (japanese version)
Selecting spells (japanese version)