Business Model Commercial
Minimum CPU Class Required Pentium
Minimum OS Class Required Windows 95
Minimum RAM Required 16 MB
Media Type CD-ROM
Minimum CD-ROM Drive Speed Required 4X
Minimum DirectX Version Required DirectX 3
Video Modes Supported SVGA/XGA (640*480)
Minimum Video Memory Required 1 MB
Input Devices Supported Keyboard, Mouse
Multiplayer Options Internet, LAN
Number of Players: Offline 1-7 Players
Notes The UK release stated that the minimum specification for the WIN 95 version of the game required ;
  • Pentium 75 MHz
  • an uncompressed hard drive with 100 MB free for the recommended install plus 25 MB free for temporary files,
  • a 100% Microsoft (or Logitech) compatible mouse,

  • It also stated that the game cannot be played on Windows NT systems

Technical information contributed by piltdown_man (151324), NGC 5194 (17619), formercontrib (159514), Indra is stressed (20706) and Ray Soderlund (3609)