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About Me

Retired programmer looking to play the games I didn't have time to play years ago 'coz I was too busy working. Then I found mobygames and it became a full time hobby.

Piltdown_Man name came about 'coz my nearest and dearest think that playing old games and writing about them for free is a huge joke and at the time I was feeling my age.

Moved to Boston, Lincolnshire in 2017 and the process of getting to grips with the house, the garden, exploring the town, the change in lifestyle, and my other hobbies - especially brewing home-made wine mean I'm not as active as I used to be. I went a bit overboard with the wine making and am now the proud owner of over 100 gall / 500 litres of the stuff waiting for it to mature and hopefully become drinkable.

My game preferences are ;

  • I don't play on-line games so unless a multiplayer game has a single player mode I leave them alone.
  • I prefer stealth and sniping in a game and don't like melee style combat - mainly because my reactions are not fast enough. and succes or failure all seems a bit random
  • I like puzzle games and games that make me think
  • I avoid runny jumpy platform games so Sonic, Mario and lots of other great games of that ilk just leave me cold
  • I've played lots of football games but I'm just as rubbish at the sport in game world as I am in the real world. I can play a golf game and have fun though.
  • I find tactical squad based games a challenge but I haven't played many of them so that's an area that's yet to be explored
  • Most roguelike, hack 'n slash, dungeon crawling games leave me cold
  • The first game I ever played was Mokney Island and I've been a fan of adventure games of that type ever since
  • Flight simulators are another favourite genre too but management simulators are too much like work and I never really saw the point of the Sims series
  • I like to learn and look for new, well new-to-me, sub genres. For example I recently read something about most of the funding for VR games coming from the adult entertainment industry so I went looking for adult VR games and recently I came across Clicker games.. great hobby - always something new
  • I have over a thousand game discs, many of which are shareware compilations holding sometimes thousands of games so I have plenty to keep me occupied - still doesn't stop me picking up anything that looks that little bit different though
  • I don't play console games, PS1, PS2 and the like. This is because;
    • when they were popular they were way more expensive than PC games
    • I didn't have the time or the cash to keep up with every new platform that came out. Still don't.
    • All the games my kids played seemed to be runny jumpy platform games or Mario racing games and neither appealed
    • I could never co-ordinate both thumbs on a controller well enough to enjoy a game. Still can't
    However I do now own a PS1 and a PS2 that my kids have discarded and the games, especially PS2 games, have become much cheaper so maybe I'll be playing them at some point. Not sure about plugging in the dance mat though.