Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger Credits


Executive ProducerMegan Gaiser
Art DirectorLaura Henion
Program ManagerRobert Riedl
Game DesignersLaura Henion, Robert Riedl, Tim Burke
3D GraphicsTim Burke, Bryan Thomas
2D GraphicsLaura Henion, Kris Ulmer
Lead DeveloperWayne Sikes
Script WriterRobert Riedl
Asset ManagerGabriel Day
Scene BuildingGabriel Day, Robert Riedl, Tina Sikes, Curtis Wilkes
Usability DirectorSonia Doughty
Art Administration AssistantShauna Carlstrom
MIS SupportCurtis Wilkes
Development SupportSheri Hargus, Ann Sauer
TestingData Dimensions Inc.
Sales & MarketingSonia Doughty
Public RelationsLori Stacy
Art Team SupportApril Conner, Kyle C. Jones
Character AnimationKaren Johnson Productions Inc., Agustine Huerta Jr., Paul Meylink, Tom Ward
Creative Animation DirectorKaren Johnson
Character Animation DirectorAaron Johnson
Senior Animation DirectorDenise Roberts McKee
Animation ProducerJanet Sairs
Animation ProductionThom Bowen, Bea Rasmussen
Production ArtistsSue Peach, Ron Schulz
Sound BreakdownToon Tracks
Character ModelingZygote Media Group Inc.
MusicKMM Productions, Kevin Manthei
SoundBill Corkery Productions, Jack Straw Production, Clatter & Din, Lightwave Studios
Voice TalentLani Minella (Nancy Drew & Millie Strathorn), Moriah Angeline (Mattie Jensen), Ryan Drummond (Rick Arlen), Bob Heath (Dwayne Powers & Ralph Guardino), J'eral Fontaine (Lillian Weiss), Roger Jensen (Owen W. Spayder), Ryan Campbell (Ned Nickerson), Katie Denny (Bess Marvin), Lindsey Newman (George Fayne), Frank Martin (William Pappas)
Nancy Drew Silhouette ImageGeorge Henion
Teen Advisory BoardHaley Boyd, Julia Britz, Melissa Carlson, Maria Heinegg, Shira Hoffman, Sarah Mathes, Kelly Mathes, Holly Noel, Whitney Noel, Lauren Overman, Lacy Taylor, Lindsey Taylor, Krystal Starwich, Kate Wells

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (75342)