Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

aka: Nancy Drew 7
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Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake is the seventh in a chain of interactive adventures in which you play through the eyes of the famous teen detective Nancy Drew.

Someone or some thing is determined to chase Nancy and her friend out of the cabin sitting beside lovely Moon Lake. Dogs with glowing eyes and moanful howls are making it impossible for them to enjoy the lakeside retreat. Nancy's intuition tells her that there is more to their appearance than meets the eye.

Meet the residents and search the dark and foreboding woods surrounding Moon Lake. Discover the history of the lake and the secrets that the residents are desperately trying to keep hidden.

Gameplay is similar to the previous games in the series featuring a point-and-click interface, solving puzzles, finding and using inventory items and interrogating suspects.


  • Нэнси Дрю. Псы-призраки Лунного озера - Russian spelling

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Average score: 81% (based on 9 ratings)


Average score: 4.1 out of 5 (based on 12 ratings with 2 reviews)

A thriller without the thrill

The Good
In Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, Her Interactive brings to the player the same familiar features as were used in the previous 6 games.

The point-and-click interface is simple, clean and very easy to use. Scenery is realistic as is the representation of the characters and objects. Inventory storage and usage is basic and without frills. Conversations are written on-screen as they are spoken, and the voice actors and actresses did a marvelous job. The in-game music is pleasant and in keeping with the atmosphere of the game. The sound effects, too, are excellent, especially the songs of the birds and chirps of bugs and other critters.

As a whole, I would categorize the puzzles in this adventure to be of medium difficulty, even in the Junior Detective level, which I played. Some were variations of some puzzles seen in other games, such as block turning and tile swapping. Other puzzles involve turning wheels to open valves in a special order, travelling through maze-like forest paths and organizing folders in Roman-numerical order. There are, of course, the normal object oriented puzzles. There is one timed sequence when Nancy must find a way to escape a burning building.

All of the people you meet during the game are suspects, but their motives are not clear at all. Not until the very end of the game do you find out whodunnit.

The Bad
While I liked the game overall, it was not one of my favorites.

My main complaints include:

  • Only 3 NPCs to meet
  • Changing day to night (and visa versa) so often simply to meet one of the 3 characters
  • Too much travel through the same areas
  • Too few locations to visit
  • Some puzzles seemed added in to lengthen gameplay
  • Too few game save slots (normal for the series)
  • The game is short enough to complete in one day

    **The Bottom Line**
    I didn't find this game to be as interesting as several of the others in the series. The story is intriguing, true, but having only 3 characters made me a bit bored. It's medium-difficulty puzzles may keep younger players stumped, but it will make them think (which is the objective of these games after all). Fans of the Nancy Drew books and games will find this a worthy addition to their collection, but experienced adventure gamers might want to pass it by.
  • Windows · by Jeanne (75945) · 2005

    Fun and scary, full of mysteries, and for the whole family.

    The Good
    MUSIC!! Very good. Can totally freak out at times. I find this one of the scariest Nancy drew games out of those I've played, and the music definitely helped out there. Just the plot, and the idea of being alone in a broken down, mysterious cabin while your friend ran away because she was so scared of___what? I, like always, think there are too little characters in most games, but although not so many suspects, they are all wonderfully made. In this game particularly. The ending, in my opinion, was SPECTACULAR. Your weren't expecting it, and the entire mystery solves itself once you have seen who the culprit is, all loose ends tie up. Very good game.

    The Bad
    Though I like Nancy Drew games to be scary, this one kind of freaked me out a little. I was younger when I played it, so it might be a bit scary for younger girls. Outside there is a "maze". There are loads of twists and turns and unless you have found a map or any description on how to come out of there, you can easily get very, very annoyed and frustrated. PLEASE ALL NANCY DREW FANS, SEARCH FOR A MAP BEFORE YOU ENTANGLE YOURSELF IN THERE!!!

    The Bottom Line
    Scary, so maybe not for the very young girls. It is quite difficult, although not as difficult as other games, so don't give up, cause George and Bess are just waiting on the other line so give them a call and their hints will definitely help you along the way! Enjoy!

    Windows · by erika hvistendahl (11) · 2005


    Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake has won the following awards:

    • Children’s Software Revue, 2003 All Star Software Award
    • Choosing Children’s Software, Best Pick 2001, 5 out of 5 Stars
    • Parents' Choice Gold Award, Best Software, ages 10-18


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