Written by  :  Medicine Man (374)
Written on  :  Aug 27, 2009
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars

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A legendary sequel to a legendary game.

The Good

Starting with the visual look, Return to Castle Wolfenstein looks very good. Everything is detailed very correctly - the characters look just like taken from movies, weapons and items look just like they've been taken from a real weapons depot and put into this game, architecture - just can't describe it with my words, it speaks totally for itself. Even the zombies, robots and other fictional creatures look very realistic with this detailed elaboration. The effects of explosions, fire, gore and so on are less satisfying, but still look descent.

Of all first person shooters, RTCW has the most impressive sound effect I've ever heard, especially when shooting from a weapon. All weapons sound so powerful like they wouldn't sound in any other PC/video game ever. What Nazis say during the battles fits it nicely. The voice acting is very excellent, maybe not even from the best in video games, but still, very, very descent. The soundtrack is a perfect 5 also and has some of my favourite soundtracks from video games.

And of course, lets talk about the main component, the gameplay. Well, what should I say, brilliant, nothing else. Greatly done architecture gives good variety in level design, levels themselves are just epic, a good weapons arsenal with fictional weapons also in it, cool, hot, and hostile enemies, and a very good storyline. Besides an epic single player campaign RTCW has a great multiplayer component, which was later given a stand-alone add-on Enemy Territory, and which is simply one of the best on-line games in FPS history. Nuff' said about the gameplay, it's just a masterpiece, that is it.

The Bad

I can't really think of any bad sides of this game - technically perfect, fun factor is also a 5 out of 5, is there even anything bad in it? Maybe somebody could even point out a few things, but I just can't.

The Bottom Line

A must have game for any FPS fan out there, RTCW is not only a descent FPS game by itself, but its also a perfect sequel to Wolfenstein 3D. If you feel good of killing Nazis in a PC game, this game will give you an orgasm.