Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
The intro movie sets the tone for a long, epic, emotional drama
The game starts in Prague, Christof still being human. This is Prague by day - cherish it, for very soon you'll see it only during night time...
An early dungeon, and an early battle against some ghoul rats. Christof doesn't seem to be doing particularly well...
Displaying the Talk icon near the archbishop. Dig the reflections on the floor in this temple
Wilhelm is the first companion who joins you. Displaying items you can pick off the ground - as well as effects of a buff spell cast on yourself
Christof's equipment during the first quarter of the game. Medieval stuff, that's for sure
The object of Christof's quest: Anezka, shown with in-game graphics in a cutscene
Christof's attributes and list of abilities
Boss battle against an agile spellcaster. To battle, to battle!..
There are several friendly areas in Prague. One of them is this tavern. Still, you can get violent at any time - for example, start feeding on a patron...
The Academy is going to be your safe haven for a very long time. Note the intricate art
A cozy shop in Prague. Note the dog!..
No, there are no graphical errors here. We were exploring the streets of Prague when Wilhelm decided to cast Earth Meld on himself...
With our new female companion, we explore a romantically dark and cozy graveyard
Defenders of the city? So it seems, sometimes...
Sometimes your feet don't touch the ground...
The vampires aren't the only nasties hiding in our cities
Much of the game takes place in dungeons. Check out those ominous stairs...
Fighting a wizard in a Tremere library. Why did you encase me in a fire pillar, you... you punk?!..
For some reason I have a feeling we are not really blending in in this noble mansion...
Beautiful art in one of the dungeons, about halfway through the game
Another shop, another animal, another eccentric owner
Yes, this is our full medieval vampire party posing on the snow in one of the districts of Prague. You got any problem with that?..
Enemies are highlighted in red when you attack them. This is a fierce battle against a sadly familiar gargoyle...
One of the decisive boss fights closing the medieval portion of the game. The parts are unequal - we've completed about two thirds of the game by now, if not more
Christof ends up in a cargo room, hundreds of years into his future - which is our time. So they are using plasma bags now?..
Christof finds out the hard way that stakes and vampires do not mix
Fresh from the dark ages, Christof finds himself stuck in modern-day London
A typical map screen - this is London!
Club Tenebrae: come for the people, stay for the drinks.
Chris needs to catch up on a few things before he can start swinging his axe again
Lily snacks on a local goth babe
There are all sorts of vampires in the WoD: such as an ancient Egyptian priestess...
...and a l33t hacker!
Christof quickly makes some new friends in modern-day London. The party poses in an Egyptian-style dungeon
It's off to New York, the game's third and final city! Look at us, proudly posing in the middle of an uptown street!..
Shopping in New York! Some people go there just for that...
Fighting alligators in the NY sewers!
Yup, those rockets sure make short work of enemy vampires!
You can share a bit of blood with your fellow party members
A toreador vampire painting with her own blood. How quaint.
Yes, well, err... actually... I have an interest in that statue to your left, as well as the ancient script behind you
Fighting local punks-slash-Nosferatu vampires near dumpsters in New York
Hey, I want to live in such a hotel too.. Can I, please, please?..
Yup, this guy is still around! And he can cast confusion, too!..
Check out the inventory of a high-level modern party! Just look at those jackets, helmets, and really big guns!
A decisive battle late in the game. This guy is no slouch, as you can see!..
Creating a custom character for multiplayer