Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Your Party
Entrance to the "Maze"
Fighting Orcs
Fighting Ruffians
Fighting Slimes
Fighting Skeletons
Is the chest trapped?
To the victor go the spoils

Commodore 64 version

Welcome but before you can play, you need to make a scenario disk.
The Party is gathered!
Entering the "Maze".
A treasure chest!
There's something odd and unnatural ahead....
Stairs Up--take them (Y or N)?
A chest, upon inspection by Commidus the Thief, bares a Stunner trap.
Combat with five Skeletons.
The Fighter Goremaker is killed!
The Fighter Joel is risen!
Jakobi is now a Lvl3 Priest!
A large sign on the wall and fell arcane "darkness" lies ahead.
A Surprise Encounter!
Some loot for the Party.
Slimes creep up on the Party....
Cain the Priest Dispells two of five undead creatures.
In the Temple of Cant.
A Silver Statue has been found in a Secret chamber!
The Party battles three Rogues.
The Fighter Joel scores a Hit on a Monster.
The Priest Cain slays a Monster violently!
The Party happens upon an oddish sort of wizard in the fell "darkness".
Near the "Maze"'s Exit to the Castle.

Commodore 128 version

Title screen
Using the C128 memory
First fight
Lost the second fight

FM-7 version

Title screen
Main menu
Castle menu
Buying equipment
In the maze
A view without the status window
A fight with "Scruffy Men"
Found a chest

Game Boy Color version

Title Screen
The "Select Switch" screen; The settings shown here will give the player English game text instead of Japanese
The "Transmigrate" and "See Password" options on the Training Grounds allow you to transfer characters to other GBC Wizardry games
When Expanded trade is enabled (which is the default option), you'll see categories for different items at the Trading Post
When Expanded Trade is enabled (default), the player seems items that are not in stock, which makes it easier for players who enjoy trying to fully stock the Trading Post
Spell casting screens have been made easier to navigate
The improved "Read" command now shows a description of the spell's effects
Navigating the dungeon...
The walls change in style as the player delves deeper into the maze.
The effect of light spells now visibly lightens colors, in addition to its other beneficial properties
An improved status screen shows more information, like EXP to the next level; the player can also use left and right to switch between characters
The in game options menu, where the player can disable many of the new features, such as thief ambushes and the new Trading Post, and use the traditional Wizardry rules instead
A battle, showing a theif's new ability to ambush the enemy from the back row
The game automatically saves when the power is turned off, allowing the player to stop and restart anywhere in the game, even in the middle of a battle!
First fight
Take chest
Open dood
Slime to kill
Training field
Old view - use a ladder
In old view, labyrinth is hard place to move
Small humanoid

Macintosh version

About the Macintosh version
Character creation
Characters are added to the party by dragging their icon to the "Party" window.
Gone shopping…
Inspecting a character
Wandering the maze. The windows can all be rearranged.
Fighting a bunch of slimes.

MSX version

Title screen
Even though this is a Japanese version, it can be played completely in English
Preparing your party
Training grounds
Entrance to the maze
Really? I thought I could...
A FRIENDLY kobold? Are you sure about that?
The battles have some graphics for the enemies
The "death" screen is graphically impressive

NES version

Japanese title screen
Title Screen
Locations to visit
Character statistics and equipment
Creating a character
Uh... nice graphics?
A choice of doors
Middle of a battle against small objects.
The Edge of Town locations...
Stairs going up, will they return to the surface or...?
Line-Art dungeon or solids?

PC-98 version

Title screen
Yay, play in English!
Castle menu
Character creation
I have a party!
Stairs? Who needs 'em?
I thought I could...
Battle commands
Battle description
Now, now, no need for violence...
Us vs. 4 orcs

PC Booter version

Wizardry "re-release" Title screen
Wizardry "re-release" in dungeon shot
Wizardry re-release - fighting the kobolds
Default Color Palette on CGA Monitor
Composite Color Palette on CGA Monitor (hold CTRL at disk bootup)
Color Composite Palette on Composite Monitor (hold CTRL at disk bootup)
Black & White Palette (hold ALT on disk bootup)

WonderSwan Color version

WSC: Wizardry
Wonder Gate menu
Area view