F-16 Combat Pilot Screenshots (ZX Spectrum)

User Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

The tape starts loading
A nice load screen
The game is mulitlingual
Copy protection requires the manual to bypass
Game option screen. Pressing '1' repeatedly scrolls through the control options
Mission selection. Each of the pictures around the sides of the pentagram represents a mission
I think this screen allows fine tuning of weather etc. I have training mode set to ON so most are disabled
Load weapons. I chose the default 'Crews Choice' but weapons can be selected individually.
After all that the need to load some more of the game is a bit of a let down
The message scrolling across below the gun sight is 'clear for takeoff'
Steep learning curve, everything must be done right. Of all the ways to end a mission I'd have preferred to at least get into the sky.
Successful take-off, banking right
The message below the gun sight says 'Bandit 32 mls"
I think Ihave weapons lock on something
When the mission fails the screen goes completely red. Then there's a pause while the game loads the end of mission data
This time, at least I got off the ground. The next screen is the game options screen